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Because I remain 12 years old (at least on the inside), there are things that I find amusing that probably other people my age would not.

First, drawing a moustache on a picture of someone (especially if you also include a monocle and black out one of their teeth is ALWAYS funny.  Look:

This came from somewhere.  I don't remember.  Don't sue me.

This came from somewhere. I don’t remember. Don’t sue me.

Some things get funnier with time:


It gets me every time.  Bad Day, banished.

Art & Design & Popsicles

“Art enables us to come to our own conclusions. Design pushes us towards a destination”. — Milton Glaser

Found this in my feed via SwissMiss.

Found this in my feed via SwissMiss.


You may want to watch it twice.  I did.  Also, I’m starting a food truck.  Selling popsicles.  It’s going to be brilliant.



Kate Davies shares photos from her trip to Iceland and one of the wool mills there. Lovely — and, if you’re a knitter, so interesting. I’m dreaming of taking a similar trip one day!

Originally posted on Kate Davies Designs:


This is Álafoss — foss being Icelandic for waterfall. Álafoss is situated on the river Varmá in the small town of Mosfellsbær, a short bus ride from Reykjavik. In 1896, an enterprising farmer imported some machinery, and harnessed the power of Álafoss to operate it. From that day to this, Icelandic wool has always been processed in Mosfellsbær.


Ístex is an abbreviated form of Íslenskur Textiliðnaður (Icelandic Textile Industry). Ístex was formed in 1995 when the old Álafoss company was threatened, like so many other yarn-producing businesses at that time, with bankruptcy. The business was bought out by five employees, together with a group of sheep farmers, and the company now thrives under this associative structure (during our visit, we ran into one of the company directors, who still plays a very hands-on role in the mill’s daily operations). Ístex employs 50 people and is responsible for the purchasing…

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That default public setting just got me.  What can I say?  It was late.  I was stressed out and dreading the insomnia I felt coming on!  I also don’t really care that much because effective termination!

Today looks better, though.  I have a feeling about it … yep, I do.

Happy Little Friday Eve!!


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