I don’t have any children … because the Universe is wiser than we know … Unintended harm is still harm.  To wit:

Doritos for dinner?  No problem.  Put some guac on that shizz, and it’s a full food pyramid; or

Is mama napping?  That’s the best time to take a swim. Let’s get the step ladder and put some s’getti on the stove first, to cook while we’re in the water. Then, when she wakes up we can have dinner.  And fire.

Seriously, I can’t.  I would for sure, no doubt, 100% love them, but taking care of them …. whoops, just fell asleep there for a second.  But, if I was ever at all inclined to, or found myself just magically waking up to some kids who lived here, there’s no doubt I’d be good at loving on them and snuggling them and knitting down the world for them.  Just ask Russell Jenkins. I’m pretty sure that if he woke up one day with the ability to speak English, his first words would be, “Stop hugging me” followed by “I do not want to wear that.  Ever.”

But, kids!  Well, I’d be happy to have help with laundry and  I would be the-absolute-bomb at teaching them the “sweep the floor” game.  (It’s fun, but you have to do it every day to really find the joy, baby.)  But the best thing ever?  First day of school schaudenfreude!  Boo hoo hoodeehoodeehoo, baby.  Try having first day of schoolitis EVERY MONDAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE and then tell me you don’t like what I packed for your lunch!

Back from travels for now, and, as you can see, just a bit loopier– obvs– for wear!

On Break!

See you guys next week. I’m out for a bit of travel.  It starts, of course, with me doing a deep clean on the homestead which in my superstitious mind means I’ll return safely.  (Because I know if I leave it looking like the pit I usually live in, I’ll surely die in a fiery accident and my parents will be faced with the truth of my pig styery.  Which is not a word, but should be!

I’m off to the East Coast for a bit.  Anyone want to meet at Purl Soho on Saturday, lemme know!  If I get any good pix of sheep, yarn, NY, PA or spots in between, I’ll post them!  Happy BFP!

An Explanation

Why am I like this?  And how did HBOGo find out?  It’s 3:00pm, and I still have work to do from 11:00am.  Stupid Game of Thrones. Everybody said, “Oh, you should watch it.  It’s really good.” What they should have said is, “You’re going to have to pay attention, so don’t watch when you’re trying to do other stuff (like work). It’s not made for the background.”

Promising myself, just one more episode (I’m still in season 1).  If I plan it correctly, I may be able to mop the floor while I’m watching.  Definitely no Keynote, and definitely no knitting … although, the whole idea that Winter is Coming is giving a gal ideas!




Been on the road this last little while and it’s been a blast, but also hard.  Under the “be careful what you wish for” category, I had been worried about where the next clients for Public were going to come from and what next month’s grocery trip was going to look like.  (Hotdogs are multi-purpose ‘food’, loved by people, cats and dogs, but everyday?  Nope.)  Then, all of a sudden, more work than the company can handle, but in a good way.  This also means some exciting opportunities for me, personally and professionally, and I’m feeling pretty grateful right now.

Coming back from D.C. and Chicago just recently I remain elevated by the vibrancy and diversity of those cities and am anxious to make a move back to a more welcoming and accepting environment than I’ve found in Austin.  The good news is, I can do what I do from anywhere, so that’s where I’m going.  Anywhere else!  

One of the stops on my travels was Stitches Midwest this past week in Illinois.  It wasn’t the show that I’d come to know and love — a little lighter on vendors and more duplication of products across the booths.  This was good, though, because otherwise, I would have come back broke.  It was still inspiring and fun to go and share the experience with my mom, cousin and aunties who can make anything hilarious.  I left Stitches feeling recommitted to doing work I love.  I’m back on a plane next week, but in the meantime, purging to prepare for my move to anywhere, and organizing for Bizarre Bazaar in San Francisco!  It’s good to have a goal in mind, and since this will be my first show as an exhibitor in a long time, I’m bound and determined to make it spectacular! We’ll see!  

This Seems Like a Terrible Idea

But when has that stopped me?  It’s so hot here and it’s hard to knit when it’s 103 outside (or, okay, it feels like it’s 103 even though it’s only a measly 98.  Perception.)

I’m going to finish up the projects I’ve got on the needles right now, but spending the morning cutting fabric for some story quilts.  I’m hoping I can get 7 tops done by October 1, so I can finish quilting by Christmas.  The last time I did a story quilt it was a made-up story I did all by hand.  It took forever and a day, and that was just a crib quilt for one of the Js.  He’s nine now!  Time to put all my new-found skills to use, haul out my quilt frame, and pre-cut and baste as I should so I can eliminate the hand sewing for parts the machine can do better.  I’ll save my hands for the applique, because I want to spend some time with them, as they’ll go to some kids whom I dearly love, and to whom I’ve promised some sweaters that got eaten by moths.

I almost got angry there for a second, thinking about the moths.  Anyway, I’ve already got stencils cut for two of these, and they turned out beautifully (maybe because I haven’t cut the fabric yet!)

#1:  The Snowy Day

SnowyThis, for a little boy who lives in Chicago and will therefore know what snow is all about.

#2:  Peter’s Chair


Another Ezra Jack Keats.  This one about siblings and how much we think they’ll suck before they get here. This, for a brother in Austin who has a little sister who is the shizznit.

#3:  The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

CaterpillarFor the sister of that brother in #2.  Because, caterpillars.

#4:  Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile.


#5:  The Very Busy Spider


For a little girl whom I only get to love from a distance — she’s far away, but loved, and like me, deathly afraid of all bugs except spiders (because they kill all the other bugs, see?)

#6:  This, from Charley Harper.  The cardinal.


(I forgot the attribution — I believe it’s from his retrospective book … don’t sue me.)  This is for 1/2 of a set of twins. The boy of the set is deep in love with red birds.  See below for his sister’s quilt.  I’m going to have to think up the panels that tell the story of how great the cardinal is, but this image is fodder for the final panel.

#7:  Another Charley Harper — Raccoons!

raccoonsAgain, attribution lost, sorry!  Harper did lots of raccoons, and rabies aside, I think they’re the cutest.  Not sure if I’ll use this, or another image as the final panel on whatever story I can make up for the rest of the quilt.  Those circles for the logs … NOT looking forward to those. But, the skunk is such a great inclusion. We’ll see. This is far down on the list.  Let me get the first few done and we’ll see.

Monday.   Only four to go till Friday!


Well, Thank You Very Not

I have 4 blog posts to write for work, a capabilities presentation to finish, a pretty key meeting/interview (I mean VERY key), and client work that needs to be done yesterday.  So, thank you very not, Rowan Yarns and Purl1 for this:

My hands hurt already from the cables, but I must make that red sweater.

My hands hurt already from the cables, but I must make that red sweater.

Please click on that picture for a link to the Purl 1 reviews of the latest Rowan Knitting patterns.  Because, I can’t be in this alone!

It’s Okay to Start Over

The knitters in my family always make fun of me, because I have NO PROBLEM finding that, well into a project, I made a mistake in my knitting early on and throwing the whole thing out, needles and all.  I know it’s a waste of yarn, but it saves me so much psychic energy and angst that it’s really the only thing to do.

Writing up a pattern is different, though.  I’ve been trying to figure out a sweater I saw on Marissa Mayer, and I have started over 4 times already — is it knit side-to-side, bottom-up, top-down, all of one piece or several…  It’s been maddening.  Just today though, I realized I’d a bigger problem to solve.  It’s not reverse stockinette stitch — which is not the most fun, but still relatively quick — at all.  Nope, that sucker is seed stitch.  I can’t even.  Nope, no, no.  Not. Can’t.



I’d like to think I had it in me to start over, but I think I need to take a break before I even consider it.  Maybe some granny squares or a chevron scarf are in order!  Happy Little Friday!

Hot Tip: Remember right- vs left-leaning stitches


OMG. This post changed my knitting life. I usually use post-its to remind me when I’m working on a project what the directions mean when it says M1L vs. M1R. This sentence from Fringe Association is the answer: “A stitch will always lean in the direction the working needle is pointing when you work that stitch.” I’ve been knitting for as long as I’ve been alive but this one sentence makes all the difference and will, I think, let me be more intuitive about the work. It’s too good a thought — and I’m too grateful for it — not to share. Cast on!

Originally posted on Fringe Association:

Hot Tip: Remember right- vs left-leaning stitchesIf you’ve been knitting for very long at all, you’ll have encountered multiple kinds of increase and decrease stitches. You may also have come to realize that each one has a lean to it. (For instance, your first hat may have used k2togs for all of the decreases, which creates a sort of swirling crown, since the k2togs all lean in one direction.) Perhaps you’ve even come to understand that for every right-leaning increase or decrease, there’s a corresponding left-leaning version. To prevent fabric that leans one direction or the other, increases and decreases are often deployed in mirrored pairs, such as a k2tog (right-leaning decrease) paired with an SSK (left-leaning decrease). Or m1L increases paired with m1R increases. The trouble many knitters have is remembering which stitches lean which direction. So here’s an invaluable tip I picked up from Barry Klein once upon a time:

A stitch will always…

View original 226 more words

Dear Lizard

I am happy you seem to have survived my accidental onslaught.  I want you to know that, tiny as you are, I first thought you to be a bit of vegetable matter detritus carried in on the hairy heels of Russell Jenkins.  Then, I put my glasses on, because sweeping the floor without wearing them has shown to be ineffective.  So, vision restored, I saw you for what you were.  A tiny little brown spotted thing, not half as long as my index finger.

And, dear lizard, I thought you were dead.  

Which is why I tried to sweep you up, you see?  

But, dear lizard, you scurried.

Which was why I made that sound, you see?  

So, dear lizard, my own lizard brain took the reins, fearing that you planned to nestle yourself up in my ear and into my brain as I slept.  

Which was why I kept trying to get you in the dust pan, you see?

Because, dear lizard, I was REALLY trying to scoop you up and release you to freedom.  

Which was why my broom action got so vigorous, you see?

And once, dear lizard, I’d finally gotten you in the pan, it seemed I’d hurt you, so I found myself both scared and sad.

Which was why I was still making that screeching noise when I opened the front door and tossed you out, you see?

But, thanks be, dear lizard (because I refuse to believe the cats got you) you must be okay and gone to repair yourself, because upon screwing up my courage to look out my front door, you seem to have moved on.

Which is why I can tuck up for a good night’s sleep before tomorrow’s long work day.  

Seriously, I hope that little dude/dudette is okay.



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