When I was a regular worker, a colleague and I used to spend a few minutes near the end of every day noodling about potential business ideas.  They were all ridiculous.  Among my favorites were:

  1.  Outside the car cup-holder that would attach on top of the mirror.  In case of spills.
  2. Sandwich-flavored bread.
  3. Shame-carts at the grocery store — covered so people wouldn’t be able to look in and see all those Cheetos and Mountain Dew.  And the one apple.

While I’m prepping for my next thing, I’ve had some time to noodle on my own and happened upon what I know is going to be the next big thing.  For real!  I don’t watch my favorite shows (This is Us, Qi, Blackish, GoT, Masterpiece Mystery, in that order) in real time.  I save them so I have something to motivate me to get on my bike and do a ride every morning — or, okay, most mornings.  Usually 6 out of 7 days a week, so I’m almost an athlete at this point.  I mean, WHEN will they put stationary bike riding in the Olympics?

I want to build a Peloton-specific app that adds another option for folks who don’t want/can’t do classes, but don’t want to do scenic rides either.  It would allow us to watch those shows on the big Peloton screen, and increases/decreases tension and output according to the emotional level of the scene we’re watching. For instance — no spoilers, because we’ve all seen Lord Grantham’s ulcer — an episode of Downton Abbey might have you starting at a nice, leisurely 35-40 resistance and 90 cadence or so, but then, the dinner scene starts, and you say to yourself, “Wait a minute.  What, now?  How come my resistance just jumped to 50?  And, they’re saying my cadence needs to be at 120? Something’s up!   Oh, the tension!’  And, boom, just like that, the emotional bits just become fodder for your legs to work harder and it’s hard to cry when you’re sweating like that.  Imagine what an episode of This is Us could do?  At least 8million calories burned in those 42 minutes!

For now, I’m doing this analog on my own, but as soon as I can figure out how to become an app developer and negotiate rights and terms with Peloton and every network in the world, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a game-changer.  I just need a name for it.  (And if you suggest “Bad Idea”, it’s already taken, so there!)

She said …

“That’ll take you 10 years”, mom said.


Blizzard by Martin Storey for Rowan

She’s probably right.  Better start soon …

What the what?

You know I have been looking, trying to find a path that allows for the work I love to do to meet up with the work that loves me back. Today, after almost three months of pursuit, the unicorn I was after turned around and welcomed me. The one I wanted so hard and so fiercely.

But then, what do you do with that?  It’s like the day after Christmas for me.  My sister said, “Why aren’t you happier?  You should be doing cartwheels!”  I guess it’s because I don’t yet know how to feel that way and can’t yet believe it’s true.

My first thought, after getting the news was, “Drinks on me!” I actually scheduled an outing, the sole purpose of which was to drink our faces off. But then, I thought about how I got here; how the one thing I said I’d wanted ended up happening.

I wish I could say that I shut the drinks party down and got to doing work that manifested my appreciation for the gift I’d gotten. But…  well, that did not happen.  #daydrinking

But!  But!  But!  I am on to making again and that’s something.  Because I have a place to move, I can focus on the UFOs and WIPs with more vigor so they’re done and out the door by the time the movers come. I also picked out a little garter stitch sweater to keep me occupied and centered this next little while!  So happy to be making again!


Compost? More like THE MOST!

From Completely Cauchy!  Look at all those strips.  I thought to myself, upon reading the post, “Six years?  That’s a long time to have a project in-the-making.”  Then I looked around at the UFOs lounging in baskets and on door handles in my apartment and the scales fell from my eyes.  This is wonderful!  I am imagining the meditative nature of cutting all those 1.5 inch strips.  I’d say I’m looking forward to it, but this dream will be deferred until I clear out the WIP bin!  #inspiration

So this is the one formerly known as the Compost Quilt–there’s a tutorial at that link. Started back on August 20, 2011, according to my flickr photo diary, I was partially inspired by Tonya’s Lego Quilt which was inspired by a vintage quilt. It’s just an orgy of scraps cut into 1.5″ wide strips and […]

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Presidents’ Day

Hairdresser Theatre:
Marie: Oh, my got (that’s how she says it) your hair is too long, Miss Jennifer.

Me: I am still paying the same amount.

Marie: Chile. Let’s see what we can do. (And proceeds not to look at my hair, but to turn on the TV so we can watch Lifetime Channel together. I 100% love this woman.)

Scene: We took a dance break before we even got started on my locs. The Selena biopic was on and we couldn’t help ourselves. Here: YOU try not to dance.

Marie: What you want to eat?

Me: Nothing, Miss Marie.

Marie: I got cabbage.

Me: Well ….

And then we ate and had an argument about why my hair is so plain (I can’t curl it because I gotta rinse it in the shower after Peloton everyday, so Fat and Curly or Healthy and Plain? I choose the latter.)

While she was working, I tried to talk her into under-dyeing it blue and she lost her ever loving mind. I just shut up and watched Selena and knit myself a scarf. I love her so much. It’s a good bet I will fly or drive into see her after I move. Which is scheduled for 3/11, by the way! Anxious!!

Will You Look at This?

From a favorite, Gippsland Granny!

This lady is doing it up!  Frogged a sweater to make a cowl.  That’s goals right there for me. I usually angry-frog and toss the whole lot in a bin never to be heard from again!  But, this lady … and pointing us to the free pattern, no less!  Shero!  Follow her tout de suite!

See you on Big Friday Proper!

This is a reversible cowl made from some of the same frogged wool used for the tam I posted yesterday. The cowl was very easy to make and you can find the pattern at Universal. The pattern is a free pattern. While you are at their website you may find other free patterns that you […]

via Another project from the frogged wool — Gippsland Granny

Wow! (via TinCan Knits)

Heart on my Sleeve It feels as if we have been working on this project forever and we are so excited to share it with you! Introducing Heart on my Sleeve: Knit with Care. This is a collaborative project with so many of our very favourite designers: Shannon Cook, Romi Hill, Bristol Ivy, Tanis Lavallee, […]

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