Where Joy Comes From

I’ve been fortunate to have welcomed some of the most interesting, lovable, weird, sheddy, slobby, loving and fart-full dogs on the planet.  All of them have come from shelters, and two of them came from the good folks at One-Tail-At-A-Time and Chicago Canine Rescue.

Those people are angels, doing great work finding homes that need pets that need homes!  If you’re in Chicago this week, I urge you to check out this amazing opportunity to add some love to your life at one of the FREE adoption events going on featuring pets from both places!  Check them out here!

Russell Tie


This dog came from the ASPCA.  They were having a special on one-eyed dogs with crooked teeth that day.


They’re not mine, though.  I’m sharing from KRAFTWORK.  Those stripes were too good not to shout them from the mountaintop/blog post.  I’m going to try to wait until my moving boxes arrive before buying another dang thing.  As soon as my shopping lockdown is complete, though, I’m on the hunt for my own skein of Quaere Fibre!

Sean’s 34th birthday socks, knit up with a simple after thought heel in Quaere Fibre self-striping sock yarn in the Snips and Snails colorway. You can bet I went and bought another skein of this gorgeous yarn in a different colorway immediately. Here are my project notes. More of my hand knit socks here.

via f.o. | striped birthday socks. — K R A F T W O R K

Hey, Baby

I make a lot of stuff for kids and babies, and about 90% of them are cute and adorable and awwwww-ish.  But sometimes …


Sometimes, a baby needs a kick-ass sweater.  This one, via Baby Goth Knits might be just the thing!  Check out the pattern (and image source) here.


Little Friday Eve

It’s been a minute since an official council-approved celebration of LFE.  I’ve been getting my life in order and moving and whatnot.  I came up for some air today and realized there’s lots to celebrate this week.  Here are some dogs getting their hair cut.  That’s as good a way as any to mark the day, don’t you think?

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 4.22.38 PM

Budget, Shmudget

I’ve been trying to save and re-build my rainy day fund following my weird job, no job, freelance job, and eventual dream job period.  But I was looking at my empty walls last night (movers still not here), and then this popped up in my feed today via swissmiss, and … well … maybe just a leetle purchase would be okay?

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 8.48.53 AM.png


You can get one, too:  Here.  Happy LFE!

For Safe Keeping

Beautiful things keep finding their way to the top of my feed.  For the last two weeks, I’ve been pretty good about bookmarking things to read, think about or write about later, but the list is getting longer and longer.  I’m going to park some goodies here for safe keeping.



This, Twigs by Junko, looks like fun.  LOTS of ribbing, which is always a favorite.  It just grows so much faster than stockinette.  (Fun fact, my Japanese name is Junko,)

Or, how about this Jillian Cowl?  It’s lovely and would be a quick (and portable) project.



And this, from one of my favorites, Julie Hoover (by way of BrooklynTweed).

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 12.19.26 PM.png


Okay, that’s enough.  Back to work!


My total Lenten score was ….



It could have been better.  More often than I would have liked, I used moving as an excuse, when I could have used it as a reason to REALLY put in more effort.  The 8 promises I made, however, remain on my daily to-do list, and I plan to keep after them as a way of life and not just something I did for 40 days.  That was the goal, after all!