Warm Hearts

Warm Hands, Warm Hearts. UPDATE:  We have 14 blankets, people. We had to do some knitted and crocheted additions to them to make them all large enough to work, so they’re maybe 80% repurposed sweaters, and 20% new stuff added in. And, they’re pretty in their own way, made more so by the care with which they were made. Thanks to everyone who donated! Planning on delivering the finished products on 12/16. I’ll take photos! Next year, I’m thinking that we use Crispina French as a model, and instead of cutting the sweaters into squares, we do something like rings/loops and weave them to make something similar to her stellar potholder rugs, but for blankets.  Like these:


Sourced image from crispina.com

Maybe, just maybe, we can even figure out a way to work with her in a way that benefits her work and Make.Do.’s community?  We’ll see.  We have a year, and we’ve already started off pretty swell!  I’ll post pictures of the donation day.


Finally finished Make.Do.’s “Just 100 Beautiful Things” board today, and capped it off with this image:


It’s a painting by Thomas Saliot.  It just popped up first in my Pinterest feed today, and I thought, “How fitting!”  I own that painting.  I tracked it down after seeing it in a magazine and found the artist, living in Morocco.  I remember the day it arrived, the canvas rolled up in a tube, at my office in Chicago.  When I took it to get framed, the man who helped me said, “I don’t care how much you paid for it.  It was worth it.”  It really was. It’s giant 4′ x 4′ and it hangs in my bedroom as the first (human) face I see every morning.  That woman is having fun!  It’s a great way to start the day.  Happy BFP!



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No More Screwing Around

I got bad news yesterday about an opportunity I was super-keen on getting in Chicago. There’s still more in the pipeline, but that one was my white whale.  I mean, I wanted that soooo bad.

This morning, I woke up, peeled Russell Jenkins off of my legs (he’s like a little furnace, that one, and likes to go dead weight when I try to move him), put on too-small yoga pants, a giant t-shirt and put on the FreshAir podcast for a long walk.  Walking is my thing.  Clears the head, makes me sweat, and lets me really look around for a bit.

Showered, and got work-dressed to work at home.  It made all the difference, and I’m going to make this a habit for the next little while.  Walk, shower, work, make stuff.  On the docket for today is finishing up all the cutting for Make.Do.’s December projects — I got myself in it this month!, and weaving in ends until it’s time for dinner. I’ll be kept company by my menagerie, and the dulcet tones of Ira Glass while I catch up on episodes of This American Life.  I’m starting, though, with this one from the archives, because it always makes my day.

Uradale — via Kate Davies Designs

One of the really fascinating aspects about our Shetland Oo project has been finding out more about what motivates Shetlanders who work with wool, and what really makes them tick, both personally and politically (because yes, in so many ways wool is political). Ronnie Eunson and Sue White of Uradale farm, near Scalloway, are particularly […]

via Uradale — Kate Davies Designs


My between-jobs stint is working retail. And, I LOVE working retail. No sarcasm. I love it. It’s tangible:  I can touch the work, see it get done, spruce up a shelf and feel like I’ve accomplished something.  

It’s exercise:  I burn calories walking around, lifting, toting, shelving.

It’s social:  I get to talk to tons and tons and tons of old people (which I LOVE). And, I get to meet all kinds of weirdos (I mean that in the best way) who are too shy to ask me questions about Harry Potter (You’re a wizard nerd?  It’s a-okay.  I’m down with that! Let’s go over here to the wizard section and get nerdy together… or, at least, let’s have fun because I have no idea what I’m talking about.) Are you buying 8 wedding magazines? Well, OF COURSE, I’m going to make you stop what you’re doing and tell me all the details of your nuptials. Do I see maps of Prague in your hand? When are you going? Are you excited? Are you buying those books for your grandkids? Let’s see some pictures, lady! #slowestcashierever #happinessisabookstore

Thanks, DST

Without fail, every year, almost as soon as we turn the clocks back, my body says, “Hmm, must be winter.  Time for a cold.”  Urgh.  Right in the middle of traveling and important meetings, I get to sniff and snort and cough and do the old-lady-stuffing-extra-tissues-in-my-sleeve thing.  Glamorous.

Better posts later this week once the fog has cleared.  Until then, stay healthy, take some Vitamin C, and Airborne (the plane travel did it to me. All those germs in that little, tiny space.) and be good to yourself!