Gray Power! (Or, grey, if you prefer)

My failing memory has given me many gifts, and I am grateful. I am grateful not to remember slights suffered in high school (or those that I committed, and I hope they were few and minor), missed opportunities in college (David Jacobsen!) and pure-D stupidity practiced on a daily basis as a mini-adult (Andersen Consulting, the McKee Years). But, in my aged state, I find myself most grateful for this: that sometimes, late at night, that wonky, spotty memory compels me to drive down a dark and twisty road at speed to the far-away grocery store before they close so that I might buy the one dog food, which I forgot to buy earlier today, that Russell Jenkins finds acceptable. Ah, the open road! The thrill of the chase! Ten minutes to get to a store that’s 12 minutes away!


And that gift would be enough in and of itself, but I am doubly blessed that it is often made greater when it magically pairs with my other old lady frailties — poor eyesight and general high-strungness — to heighten the experience of said dark and twisty road on which I’m driving in a hurry by making every blowing plastic bag appear as if t’were a possum running for my tires, every wriggly bush appear as if it were a bird ready to take flight right into my windshield, and every twittering leaf seem to be the silhouette of a baby deer ready to bolt directly into my path.  Some people bemoan the failings of their bodies and senses as they get older.  For me, the whole thing is terribly exciting. Allons-y, indeed.

Also, you guys, Russell Jenkins is trying to kill me with this food bullshizz. Let the authorities know if I don’t turn up for a few days. He did it. He may not have “done” it, but he “did” it. Driving at this time of night, to avoid the one-eyed death stare in the morning.  Just terrible.  He knows what he’s doing.

We Are Sparta!

Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but that’s also a little bit how I’m feeling right now.  It’s been years of planning and months of SERIOUS planning to find a homebase for Chicago TextileWorks (now, Make.Do.)  I was a contender for a grant — and still am — but I’m going to have to fight for it.  I don’t foresee a blood feud or a fight to the death, or anything … tho … I will if I have to … if I can borrow someone else’s sword and skirt … and muscles.

When they emailed me about re-characterizing my proposal under a different model, I balked a bit.  Partly because of butthurt/ego (How could they NOT want to give me everything I asked for and more?!) and partly because the re-characterization just won’t work for what Make.Do. is about.  The terrific committee member who answered my call listened to my case and suggested that I submit supplemental information for my application.  I was floored.  And, I said, “Great, I have a business plan for you.” And then I said, “But I need to present it in person.  It’s important for us to see each other.”  And, to my surprise and delight, she said, “Yep, come on down.”  I bought a new dress, I got copies of the business plan bound (thank you, Bryan at OfficeMax!), I contemplated dyeing my hair to cover the gray, but then thought, no, this might be the one time it makes me look distinguished instead of just old!  I got this!

Tomorrow morning, I am off to meet with the selection committee who holds at least this next little bit of my fate in their hands.  I’m not nervous, I’m excited.  And, I’m prepared.  In a move uncharacteristic of me, usually (and maybe because I don’t often get presented with challenges to the EXACT THING I BELIEVE IN AND WANT MOST), I actually asked for what I wanted — this meeting — to sell my idea to people who can help me make it happen.  It’s an idea I believe in and I am 8 kajillion percent positive it will work … and not just work, but be profitable and a benefit to the local community.  That’s a great feeling and I can’t wait to get there.  So, how do I know it’s going to work?  I don’t know it’ll work out exactly the way I want, but I’m 100% it’s gonna work out exactly as it should.  Why?  Because this little ditty from this site about nursing (? no idea) popped up in my feedly reader under the ‘inspring’ hashtag just as I was shutting down for the night.

Someone's trying to tell me something, methinks!

Someone’s trying to tell me something, methinks!

Happy (late) Monday!

This Week

As if there weren’t enough on the plate, this week, I ordered my BarBri course materials.  I’m hoping that August will see me with some free time on my hands (lots of it, probably!) and I’ll have time to study and prepare.  This is my plan B…  or, A-minus, I guess.  Seems like an opportunity I should jump on now that I have the freedom and time to do so.  Plus, the exam ends on the day before I leave for Cuba, which makes a nice transition.

That means busy fingers and feet between now and next Monday when studying starts.  I swear to Viola Davis that I’m going to finish every FO in my queue, and will only start one new thing using this cashmere I scored today from Pepperberry Knits

via Pepperberryknits.  It's pretty, huh?

via Pepperberryknits. It’s pretty, huh?

Someone sent me a mug today that says, “You have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce does.”  That’s giving me hope!

It’s That Time of the Week

The anticipation of the work-work week coming to an end is one thing.  The anticipation of a weekend full of life-work ahead is even better.  Fueled by green juice (I’m starting to like that stuff), hope and the real need to catalog some FOs around the joint, planning to get it all done.

Plus, I’ve got Maya on my side:

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.”
— Maya Angelou

Happy Thursday!

It’s Wednesday

Or, Little Friday Eve.  As is the case with this weekly celebration, we mark it with pictures of babies, babies falling down, puppies, the ever-popular Quokka, sometimes an elephant baby, or even a baby hippo.  This week, I give you this puppy.  Here comes Little Friday!

Just a puppy.  That's it.  A little black puppy with a stick.  Nothing else.  That should brighten your day.

Just a puppy. That’s it. A little black puppy with a stick. Nothing else. That should brighten your day.

Been Away Because

I got busy in a good way.  (Hopefully) building a physical store and shoring up the CTW subscription boxes.  It’s been humbling.

I just met with a social media strategist (I have one of those now!) to help organize the multiple sites and plan a content calendar for this next five months.  This post wasn’t on the list, but I wanted to write it to get back in the habit, and to share this with you:

Screenshot 2015-07-10 10.59.32Happy Friday!


to day one of the new stuff actually happening!  Finally!

It’s been a day of building the temporary site for CTW, sorting through supplies for the kits for HomeWorks, SchoolWorks, KnitWorks and FabricWorks.  Two down, two more to go.  This is going to be a week chock full of photoshoots and sorting through the 100+ boxes that arrived last week.

I think and sincerely hope we are on to something fun and exciting and I can’t wait to let you know how it all pans out.


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