Not Yet Lunchtime

Given that it’s not even half-way through the day, I don’t know if this will be the most interesting thing I see today, but it’s a start.  See the story here.  Happy Little Friday Eve!

vangogh – Via Chicagoist

It’s Like You Read My Mind

Verschlimmbessern.  This word, from the German (and shared this morning by Swissmiss, so thank you to her!)

Def:  To accidentally make something worse in the process of attempting to mend or improve it.


Someone stop me

All kinds of slippers waiting to be sewn up, 14 kits for this month’s craft boxes to pack (and keeping the dog hair off of them is making me keeerrrrazzzzy), just-for-me-knitting on the Pickles garland sweater to do — ribbing in size 4 needles is not for the weak — and still trying to finish New Year’s gifts for my friends up north.  I feel kind of scared, which is why I don’t understand how I am about to try to figure out how to knit a Guraffalo.  For not my kid.  Wondering what exactly is wrong with me, but kind of happy that my particular brand of crazy results in cuddly sweaters, ridiculous stuffed animals, fancy scarves, color-work mittens and all kinds of quilts that I know will be handed down from mama to baby and baby to other baby.

At some point in the near future, if I keep knitting and sewing as I am, the whole planet will have some Blue Face Leicester and/or Kona Cotton in their DNA.  I’m trying to save the world!

Also, look at this and tell me you wouldn’t find a way to make it for a bub that loves the Guraffalo:


Via: mutton on Ravelry


That’s what I’m trying to be.  I think I’m going to follow Russell Davies’ example here.

Pickles & A Giveaway

First off, apologies, friends.  I was supposed to do this giveaway on Monday, but it’s been a busy week and time got away from me.  So, we’re going to do TWO giveaways on Monday, February 8th.  One is Wollmeise, the other is a CTW Slipper Kit.  You can check the Make.Do. Facebook or website page for giveaway details starting Monday at 10am EST.

Second, Pickles.  We need to talk about Pickles.  Between Pickles and Ministrikk, I’m about be poorer than a pancake if I don’t get a handle on my yarn & pattern spending.  With patterns like this one from Pickles, you see what I mean, right?

onskekappe_hoved.png That belt is everything.

Weekend Knitting

The fact that some dog chewed up the pattern will not stop me from finishing The Puffer Coat tonight/tomorrow morning.  Once that’s done, I still have Pooja’s Scarf and 4 pairs of slippers that need seaming up.

It’s always good to have a project waiting in the wings, though, and the packing and shipping for February CTW Kits and the Make.Do. Knit-a-long have had me so surrounded in yarn and fabric that it’s all I can do not to start everything all the time.  So, I think it’s pretty good that there’s only one project waiting for a start date.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 15.47.25.pngThe Jasmine Scarf from PurlSoho.  When I saw there was a video tutorial for the stitch, I thought to myself, “Nope.”  But, then I watched the tutorial and thought to myself, “Right away.”  What’s waiting in your queue?


I’ve been consumed.  For weeks.  Because of my own inability to stop procrastinating some hard work that I have to do, but also because of Ministrikk.

Just look:

Screenshot 2016-01-26 13.31.213 out of 4 of these are already on the needles.  Not kidding.

One-night knits!

Yowza!  This is the best gift ever from Fringe Association.  All is not lost!  Needles up!

Simple House Slippers

Source: One-night knits!

Boss of Who, Now?

Workplace theater:

Me:  [cough, sniff, snuff]  You know, guys, if I’m still feeling like this and coughing all over the place, I don’t think it makes sense to go to the client meeting tomorrow.  They don’t want me there coughing on them, and I sure don’t want to be sitting up in the room like Typhoid Mary.

Them:  Sounds good.

20 minutes later,  I hear a knock on my office door:  “Hey, I really need you to be at that meeting tomorrow, actually.”

Me:  “Um, but I don’t want to be coughing all over the place, remember.”

“Take a cough suppressant.”

I am technically the boss of the person who said that.  Seriously.

New Favorites: Winter blues

Been on the road for a while, so imagine how lucky I felt when, upon my return, and with a few minutes to spare between meetings, I get this gift from Fringe Association.  My favorite!  Source: New Favorites: Winter blues


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