Thanks, swissmiss (and Hugh Laurie, too!) for this gem.

A Word on Dogs

I read a post today about eschewing the hesitancy to adopt a new dog following the death of one. Agree 100% that it makes sense, as I have been through, around, and up in it. And then I look at Russell Jenkins mashing up my couch cushions and eating tissues out of the garbage can…


I’m very happy that this showed up for me today, because it was inspiring and interesting and lovely. See more about the Dear Data project here.


I am super not mad at the Chewbacca mask lady. At all. Whatever benefits she reaps from sharing that silliness, well, get it, girl. I had a stupid grin on my face every time (and there were lots of times) I watched that video. Because I’ll take a little joy whenever and wherever I can….

Mind Mapping

I had no idea how powerful a tool this is for organizing all the info in our heads, and getting clarity about what’s important, what’s related, and building a plan for the steps that need taking in order to meet whatever goals we have for the day, the week, career, life … I am hooked….

Blame the Brief

Today was a good day. I caught up with a former colleague and friend and it really made me think about work, Make.Do. and stuff. I am going to quote her here: ” … I think you were among the few at [our former employer] who I remember showed up as a whole person —…


I will never change my Facebook profile picture. It’s Louis. He was — and I don’t care what anyone says — the best dog who ever lived. And he made it to 18. Fifteen of those with me as his companion and friend. On Mothers’ Day, it would be the thing to do to change…


This post from Tin Can Knits!  I wanna make all the tiny things right now!

On Another Note

So, this isn’t strictly making or crafting related, but it did get me thinking. Maybe you saw the Buzzfeed post this week about questions black people have for black people?  If you didn’t, click the link and get ready for ridiculous. On the one hand, I think black people would just ask each other if…


I have a bit of it right now.  I think it’s the time of year.  Spring, tulips, peonies, lambies are all welcomed to the world right around April, and it makes me itch for another place to see and be for a while.  This shirt should help. Designed to help the traveler communicate with anyone,…