Just Cut It Out

I’ve got my eye on you, Brooklyntweed. It’s 100 degrees.  And you still get me with these sweaters.  Maybe I’ll just buy the pattern(s) for now …

Screenshot 2016-07-26 11.15.33.png

BrooklynTweed’s Chainlink.  This looks like sooo much fun.  

Well, Now

Here is some food for thought as we get ready for Not Monday in the marketing world.

When you have a finance CEO, you get procurement-led communications. With a client-service CEO, you get “give the client what they want” communications. And with a creative CEO, you get idea-led communications. Client relationships are not enough anymore. Ideas drive agency revenue now. I see this every single day.

Click here to read the full article. On the one hand, them’s fighting words and further denigrates the work of strategists and account service who are already blamed for everything that goes not exactly according to plan. How about some kudos for keeping it 85% on plan once in a while, because. … seriously.

On the other hand, okay, I see where you’re coming from and agree that Big Ideas are crucial to game changing. But, does the generation of ideas reside solely in the creative team?  Maybe so, but someone needs to let the rest of us know so you can have at it, and we know where the responsibility lies. If the strategy is going to be having the big creative idea, the creative team is going to have to infuse some client relationship management in the mix, too, because all our clients are not idea people. Some are, but most have folks they answer to who need a solid rationale and proof of ROI before they can champion the BIG IDEA.  Who owns selling that in?  I am 100% okay with focusing on numbers and performance and support and giving over the reigns of shepherding clients through to the Big Idea, if that’s where we’re going. I wonder if we shouldn’t ask the clients, too?

#gotmethinking #itsonlymonday

Antsy Pants

Gotta a little trip later this week, which should help cure my maker-lust, if not my wander-lust.  I’m going to Alexandria for a Serger Class with what looks to be a new favorite, and inspiration, Stitch Sew Shop.

I highly suggest a toddle around through their instagram, too.  I’ll let you know after I’ve gone.  Whatever the outcome, Alexandria is one of my favorite places and I can’t wait to get back for a little bit of old town character!

A trip to gather Wollmeise, and spend some time on the Camino are the ones really calling me right now.  A real vacation — that doesn’t get cancelled! — please!

Weekend … Hot

It’s hot.  It’s super hot. It’s lay on the couch with an icepack hot.  Been working on work-work since 7am today, but now I’m up for a break. When it’s this hot, though … can’t go outside for a walk, can’t take the dogs to the park because … they are going to burst into flames. We’re still sweating with the thermostat set at 68.  What to do?  What to do?

Maybe lean into it.  I’m going to eat some soup, have a cup of tea and put on a sweater so I can pretend it’s Chicago winter up in here and give the rest of this day up to comfort.  There’s always tomorrow.  Spreadsheets are always waiting.  That dirty kitchen is still gonna be there.  I’m all in for fake nesting on the couch while I read knitting patterns instead of making them, and napping a bit.

I hope your weekend is tremendous!  Happy Sabado Gigante!


So, here it is – the first giveaway in the series I have from Make.Do. Some cool brands have ponied up some cool gifts and I wish I were motivated enough to build a few online profiles so that I could win. Aside from that being unethical, though, I am just too lazy.

So, as I said in the original post, we’re going to do this fair and square, and the first person with the correct answer to the quiz question below will win a $35 gift card to Panera.

Here we go.  This one is for the knitters — or maybe anyone who cheats by using Google:

If you are knitting a cuff-down sock you stop a few inches before decreasing to account for the length of the sock by looking at what part of the foot?  (It has a name!  And clue:  you have two of them on your body.)

DM me via the Make.Do. Facebook page (https://m.facebook.com/makedonorfolk) and the first of you to get it right can enjoy eating clean at Panera for a couple of meals.  Good luck!



Here She Comes

It’s Little Friday! Sad not to be at WeWork Soho tomorrow, but happy I don’t have to travel. There is much work to be done at work, at home and at Make.Do. After two months of copious work travel, I am anxious to have a real weekend to … well, to do more work, I guess, but the good kind where you get to wear pajamas and take Buzzfeed breaks.

Happy Little Friday on the one-year anniversary of that holiday’s inception.


I know this is a restaurant logo.  And I do not care.

Here comes BFP. And I think I’m going to share a song about it tomorrow!

Little Friday

That’s all I got.  This week … can just go pound sand.  Seriously.  The best thing about it is that Little Friday has arrived, and we have a few short hours until Big Friday Proper.

Until then, here’s to Little Friday the THIRD BEST DAY OF THE WEEK!

Friday starts a month of giveaways on the site — it’s been a while, right?   Sponsors have ponied up for gift cards from Visa, Panera, Target, Petsmart, Macy’s and Kroger so far. That’s a giveaway a week, so we’ll start on Friday, 7/22, which will take us through August. Then, September’s giveaway is going to be amazing (unless you’re not a knitter in which case, don’t enter because you wont’ like it).  Wollmeise.  Sourced from store itself.  Two skeins per week until November.  I know, right?

We’re starting now, though so this week’s Gift from The Man comes from Panera. It’s a gift card in the amount of $35, which is enough for 3 salads (I highly recommend the fuji apple salad, replace grilled chix with chicken salad and then do a dance of thanks while you eat it because, yum. And, they didn’t pay me to say that.  It’s the truth.).

If you wanna win, you gotta check in tomorrow for entry info.  You don’t have to give any personal information or fill out a survey.   It’s going to be a first PM/DM with the right answer to a ridiculous question who wins the prize, and I’ll never talk to you again afterwards!  Promise.