No secret meaning or passive-aggressiveness here.  Just this song that’s been in my head all day and, okay, yeah, I’m relating to it more than I might have were my current situation different, but it’s just fun and that’s why I like it.  And, that’s why it’s been in my head all day, because good moods make you wanna tap dance around a bit and sing sweet songs and whatnot.  There is 100% no reason for me to be in a good mood today, other than:

  • I woke up
  • Russell Jenkins did not try to eat poop out of the litterbox
  • I got some hard errands done (got Beatrice back today!  She’s still a dirty minx, but has new tires!)
  • Took 6 bags to the dump
  • Finally secured moving company
  • Paid all outstanding bills
  • Still have a bit of moola in the bank for treats
  • Did not fall down the stairs
  • Did not wreck Beatrice while driving home without my “good” glasses

Life ain’t easy but we just keep moving right along, hmm?  Click here to feel bubbly (should work if you click on the image, too.)

Happy LFE!

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 4.26.18 PM.png

World Poetry Day

It’s today!  Did you know?  I didn’t.

I’m sure I’m forgiven for my oversight, as I was changing batteries to prevent beeps in the night. (See what I did there?) I’ll share two, if that’s okay.  This one, my perennial favorite which I’m not sure why I like so much, but I just do.  I sometimes recite it to myself before I go to sleep and you’ve seen it here before:

go explore.png

Chills, I tell you.  Then this one, shared by my Facebook friend, Lottie:

imaginationwork out.png

Nature and being outside, moving, walking, thinking are  on my mind right now, I suppose.  It’s been a while since I had a good soul-clearing walk, and now that I’m about to start working again, I don’t see an opportunity for walking — really walking — in the near term.  I am, however, looking for little walks to keep me centered and moving forward (literally and figuratively). May the road rise up to meet all of us!

Sharing Again!

I don’t have anything better to write about and/or add than this post from Tin Can Knits.  That blanket is THE cutest!

OK so I’ve officially been obsessed with gigantic chunky blankets, for at least the last year. After I made the Stashbuster tunisian crochet monster, I immediately thought MAN I NEED TO DO THIS IN A KNIT! And so Marley was born. With 4 yarn weights and 4 size options, this is a very versatile pattern. […]

via Marley Blanket — Tin Can Knits

Delightful (via Kate Davies)

This is such a cool idea for shade cards!  I’m in love.  Happy Monday!

As a small yarn producer, I am often asked whether I sell shade cards, but I’ve never been quite sure how to present them. When my dear pal Felix got married recently, some fabulous wool-wrapped sheep featured among her many woolly wedding favours. Those wee sheep rather took hold of my imagination and I just […]

via Shade card sheep — Kate Davies Designs


I was shittay this week!  My 90% goal was barely met, but only bolstered by the things that were relatively easy for me to get done this week.  I just could not with the exercise.  I don’t know what happened, but it was haaaaaard!  I got next week to go to get it together, I guess.  But, even if I don’t improve significantly across the board, I am happy that this work has made me take at least 20 minutes a day to think, be present and focus on how and who I want to be in the world.  So, 100% on that, friends!

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 8.46.32 PM

I’m most surprised by how easy it’s been to do the gratitude part of my 8-point plan.  That is, meditating on a person or persons whom I am grateful to for their positive impact on the world and in my life.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many superstars there are in my network.  It has been hard to thank them in a way that doesn’t come off as selfish or me-focused, and each message I’ve written has taken at least an hour to get right so that it conveys my gratitude for THEM and not for THEM in relation to just ME.  I still got work to do on that front.  And, on the bike.  My Peloton was not my friend this week for some reason.  Every ride was hard — not like, push yourself hard, but almost impossible-to-do hard.  Maybe it was allergies?  There’s been a lot of sneezing going on.  Maybe it was my pending move?  Maybe, maybe, maybe.  Who cares?  I guess the important thing is to get back after it tomorrow with a 45-minute class, purposeful work on the final packing and spending some solid, quiet, thoughtful time working out the logistics of working, moving, coming back, going home, moving again, and landing!


I did some double duty on the Lent work today in the course of a phone call with my sister. I am lucky to have a sister who is also my friend. We are not the talk-everyday-on-the-phone-and-share-all-our-secrets friends. We are more apt to reach out via text and to chat when one of us is wrestling with a challenge and just wants someone to say, “That sucks”, instead of, “Here’s how to fix it.”

She was telling me about a conversation she’d had with a colleague about the very important work she does (if you don’t have a copy of her book, buy SHAPESHIFTERS immediately!) and where she’ll find herself next. I think that the sentiment her colleague shared was one that I, my parents, and other friends and family have shared before, but it’s different when it comes from someone deeply invested in the person AND the work. I know my sister is amazing and brilliant, but I don’t know the world of academia, nor do I have any meaningful knowledge about the practice of cultural anthropology, beyond finding her insights thoughtful, engaging and change-making. And I will always say as much to my sister. But this, from a colleague of hers was something else:  “You deserve this. You worked hard to get where you are. Everything at your feet right now is your doing.”  I believe it to be so and am happy that someone in the field shared that notion with my little sister … and that it moved her.

She already knew, but I can only imagine how affirming it was to hear that from a colleague, mentor, and leader in the field.  We should do more of that.

I hope you’ve had the experience of someone you admire calling you out for being the absolute bomb.  Happy LFE!

A Little Sundayness

Focus is the word of the day today.  I have underestimated the work left to do (and the time it’ll take to do it) for packing and getting organized for moving.  First batch left on Friday, but there’s still so much more to do than I imagined, and ONE WHOLE CLOSET that I had forgotten about!

So, I’m getting to work today.  Meantime, spring is coming.  There are already so many lambs and kids being welcomed into the world (the yarn!) and I’m excited to get situated so I can start full-on making things again.  It’s the time to get ahead of samples and inventory for the fall and winter.

Still, focus aside, I’m having a hard time not thinking about sewing, too.  It’s significantly less portable an activity than knitting, but the results come more quickly, and I’ve found yards and yards of fabric while I’ve been packing.  I’ll not pull it out and I’ll not cut anything now.  Because FOCUS!

Instead of working on anything, I’ll just find an outlet by sharing some inspiration:

First, these fabrics from Nani Iro.  See the whole line here.

Then, these lovelies from Liberty of London.  See everything here.  If you want to shop for them and you’re not in the U.K., these are Etsy shops and others online where you can find them.


Oliver + s never disappoints.  These patterns for girls are so well-written (I have 2 of them) and easy to make.  I’m in love with all of them.

Could you just …?!

I don’t have kids myself, but I find myself making lots of things for them.  There’s a lot less customizing necessary in patterns, knit or sewn, and their smaller size means you can finish a project quickly.

Enjoy your Sunday!