It’s Hard, I Know

This is the face of Russell Jenkins feeling put upon for real.  Dare I say, he feels like Plymouth Rock landed on him, not the other way around.

Why so sad, grasshopper?

I think he needs a day or two to get used to our company.   Because our company is extra.  Look what they’re doing:

The pink sheep is history.

I hid the red sheep, because Russell Jenkins wouldn’t recover, were it to be lost/destroyed.  He LOVES the red sheep and was inconsolable when it went missing last month (found in the bottom of the laundry hamper, thank God!).

So, it’s kind of okay that the pink sheep is history, but something else is going on.  It’s Blu.  He’s on the bed.  In Russell Jenkins’ usual spot.  Gnawing on Russell Jenkins’ bacon roll-up.  It’s a sad, sad day for little R.J.  I expect, though, he’ll forget all about it tomorrow when I drop off Duke and Blu at day care, and he has two free hours of bone-chewing peace!


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