What the Whaaaat?

I have said this before, but tonight I am 100% convinced that everyone I know is in on a scheme to gaslight me. Well, you won’t win, clients, colleagues, contractors, and student loan servicers. I’m about 6 feet past the end of my rope, so it’s on and poppin’, and you’d best hold your tongues before I grab them up and grind them into ash.

Whew! That felt good. I am going to do the Evening Urban Yoga DVD now, and try to remember to love my fellow man, so I start Wednesday afresh. Afresh with the super-fun plan for the South of France next week, and a return to a different approach to work two weeks after that. Or, maybe I’ll just stay gone, and send for Russell Jenkins, Saul Abramowitz, and Eli, so the three fools join me on a beach in the Seychelles, and we eat mangosteens and lounge around all day eating fruit, getting belly rubs and dancing around for no good reason, because, really? That’s all you need.

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