Can’t Fight The Suck

That’s an inside joke, but I couldn’t help myself.  Really, what I can’t fight is the shop!  This is officially THE LAST non-essential thing I’m buying for the vacation.  It was so cute, I couldn’t help myself:

It's a digital movie camera that takes 8mm-style video. Click to get one.

I gotta be honest that when it came today, my first reaction was to be super-bummed.  It is so tiny (that woman in the picture must be 3 feet tall).  I thought I’d been ripped off for sure.  But then, I charged it and I used it and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do.  It’s going to take some practice, as evidenced by the following:

Boring, just traffic. Click to see it.

And this is Saul. Poor dear had a seizure immediately after this, but he’s up and running around again now.  I think he was sent to me to break my heart day after day so that there’s more room in there.  I don’t love him in the same way I love Russell Jenkins, but I love him just as much.  Look at him waddle:

He just walks and walks around the place. Sometimes he stops and looks at me.

I’m going to work on using this camera some tonight.  The weird/good thing is there’s a suction cup on the viewer, which mucks up my glasses every time I use it. I’m going to figure out a work-around for that.  All in all, I’m happy with this purchase.  It wasn’t a ton of money, and it’ll definitely add some interest to the pix/videos from my trip!  Stay tuned.


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