Pinterscope, May 4, 2012

You’d be happy, too, I suppose, if you were about to be worth $864 million dollars.

Just look at him smiling, will you? Click thru for the story (Use Google Translate)

I’m not jealous (much).  My life is good right now.  My bestie is taking care of Eli while I’m on vacay for the next little while.  I’m all packed and ready for what I hope will be a stellar European tour — 14 days away from my regular will do me (and the people who have to deal with me daily) some good.  Russell Jenkins is going to his favorite place, BarkBark Club, and Saul’ll be there to keep him company, so it’s all good.  I’m a little worried about Saul — he’s been a little wonky these last two days, but I’m hoping it’s the heat.  By the time they and I come home, I’ll get the air conditioners back in the windows and we should be okay.  And if he’s not okay, we’ll deal with it, because that’s what we do.

So, I don’t really need $864 million dollars.  I’m selling bunches of quilts and baby gear thru ChicagoTextileWorks, getting lots of knitting and sewing commission work, doing okay at RealJob, got a new-to-me car, exercising on the regular, doing a summer pop-up shop, and feeling like it’s going to be okay.

And, I’m about to take that “okay” all over France, Spain and Germany starting tomorrow!  The word “blessed” isn’t big enough to encompass my state of being right now, but it’s close.

I’ll post pix and travelogues as much as I can while I’m gone, and do a big download when I get back mid-May.  So looking forward to the trip… and to getting  back for the next voyage, fabric shopping with Mimi G in Los Angeles.

Tonight, I’m not thinking about the going, because it’s too much.  I’m just spending this last hour before bed being grateful for the opportunity to go.  This trip … too much.  I’ll bring you back something terrific.


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