Pinterscope, May 20, 2012

Otter pups, and other fun stuff.  It’s all of a sudden hot as hell, and after a too-long  walk through the forest preserve with Russell Jenkins this morning, I’m home with all the lights off, fans on, trying to screw up my enthusiasm for putting the air-conditioners back in the windows, and watching BBC TV on NetFlix.  So, here’s some otters for no reason other than they were the first thing that popped up when I opened Pinterest just now.

Click thru for original source.

Also, just because this was funny, I’m watching “Come Fly With Me” on Netflix just now, and here’s a line that made me chuckle:

Immigration Officer:  Working in immigration, you do sometimes get labeled with the racist tag. I do take my job very seriously, but I’m not in any way racist.  In fact,  one of my best friends is friends with a man who’s black.  And, he’s very black.  Whew. Oh, yeah.  Man, he’s black, yeah.

That gave me a giggle.  Happy Sunday, friends.


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