Little Friday is Here

I hope it’s as beautiful where you are. Sixty-eight and sunny this morning.  Chicago weather is the best kind of tease.  Just when you can’t take another minute of either rain or cold or wind, she turns beautiful and you forget all the stuff she’s put you through.

Since it’s so nice out, I’m working on some colorful stuff today and on through the weekend.  (Also, delivering colorful stuff in the form of Wollmeise straight from the motherland to friends and family!  Lemme know when your packages arrive!).  Here’s one project I’m working on for my Backroads Tour Guide, Stacy.  It’s a bit low-light, but the colors are crazy – aqua, pumpkin, yellow-yellow!  It’s the Color Affection shawl.  I followed the pattern until I got bored and decided I’d add  more short-rows in solid colors.  It’s looking awesome.  Plus, she’ll be easy to find on the trail if she wraps this around her — I mean, it is B-r-i-g-h-t!

Click thru for the pattern.

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