Searching for a Header

I thought it was about time to make the header of this blog more reflective of the content.  Then, I looked at the content and was like, “Where am I going to find a header to fit the idea of ‘hodgepodge’?”

Since my project plan through the end of this month includes customizing this blog (which is supposed to be about making things, but is really about dog hair, yarn and unsolicited advice) and finishing the ChicagoTextileWorks website, I thought it’d be okay to fiddle around for a bit anyway.  For now, I’m going with embroidery floss.

I’d love your thoughts.  I’m also going to post the design ideas for the CTW site and logo.  Here’s the first pass at the logo:

More later.  And maybe a poll to decide the winner.  Plus, stay tuned for when I get back at the end of this week.  There’s going to be a ChicagoTextileWorks giveaway.  It’s books.  I was lucky enough to score multiple copies of some fun knitting, kids and crafting books via the Book Expo in NYC last week and since I live in a tiny, tiny apartment, the duplicate copies gotta’ go!  Wanna know which books?  I’m not telling.

Well, okay, I’ll tell you about one of them.  It’s this little tome that’ll do your knitting heart good.  Extra Yarn, indeed.  I don’t know about you, but just like the protagonist, I always have just enough yarn left over to start something else… but halfway through, I’ve got to go out and buy more yarn to finish it, the purchase of which leaves me with more extra yarn and the cycle repeats.


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