Lee Clow’s Beard

The book came in the mail today.  I was really looking forward to it — hoping it’d be that inspirational/perspective-setting tome I could flip through when I needed some juice at work.  I was all for it until page 25.  Is it ever going to get old for account people and creative people to think of themselves as enemies?   It seems kind of 7th grade to me.

The best places I’ve ever worked didn’t support the notion that the relationships between staff (who work at the same company for the same client, no less) were adversarial.  Sure, our responsibilities may have been different by virtue of our disciplines, but we were all on the same side, as it were.  The work is hard enough as it is without fighting amongst each other.

Luckily, I got some Bruce Mau in the mail today, too.  I think I might read that at lunch.


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