I guess it’s a good thing that the biggest stress at work right now is the expense reporting system. That said, man, it’s making me crazy. I may have to sell some blood this week. Just back from San Francisco where I spent WAY too much money on fabric at Britex, which I justified because it’ll ultimately end up in finished products. I spent the plane ride home mapping out yardage and assigning projects to each fabric. So, I was feeling okay… Until I checked my email to find my latest report (for a rather large chunk of change-think rent-sized) DENIED! Wah-wah-wah. I hate having to start the week trying to get my side hustle on, but here we go. It’s going to be non-stop around here for the next little while, I guess.

If you’re of a mind to help a sister out, I’m accepting prayers, good wishes, and if you’re so inclined, cash all week!


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