Giving People Credit

I spend a lot of time thinking about how people get on my nerves, and the convoluted punishments I’ll enact to make them see the errors of their ways.  I joke about punching people in the face all the time, but really, my idea of the ultimate comeuppance is psychic, and the kind of thing I’d hate to happen to me.

Imagine, for instance, all your friends are at a fabulous, open-bar party, where there are Scrabble tables (if you’re so inclined), an area where, if you brought your dog, you can socialize with other dog lovers, lots of cheese, lots of good conversations, and no Kardashians… basically all the things I like.  And, if all the things and people you like are gathered in celebration, you find that when you come up to the door, the bouncer says, “You shall not pass.”  And the reason you can’t pass is because you’ve been mean to the host (me).  That’s the kind of silliness I indulge in when I imagine giving someone the what-for.

Today, however, I’m about giving people the credit that they’re due.  Not all of them, but I’m just in love the ones who I like well enough, maybe don’t know well, and who, when they pop up unexpectedly, can make my day.

I was on Facebook today, and saw a post from my second favorite store of all time (my mom and auntie’s store is number one, and there’s no getting around the greatness of EULAHazel, and it was just a little post about some incense they’d gotten in.  But that post came at just the right time, and the product was at just the right price for me to run in and get myself a little Friday present.  I love that my neighborhood is home to a store like Hazel, where you want to go in and you even want to hang out, 50% because of the products they have and 50% because of how sweet they are.  I’m grateful for that.

Then, I had the extreme pleasure of conjuring up a friend out of the ether.  I was on the dog stroll this evening, and saw a car that reminded me of someone who owned a similar car — someone I know from work and whom I like, even if I don’t know him well.  And then, I hear his voice behind me me, “Is that Jen?  I recognize you from the back.”   And that made me feel like:  1) okay, it could be good (or bad) that people recognize my ass; and, 2) how awesome to happen upon a friend to lift my spirits when I’m in the middle of a walk fraught with bunnies that need chasing, according to Russell Jenkins, and I’m at my wit’s end.

Those two little events just reminded me to keep looking around for beauty (ala Bill Cunningham) and happiness (ala me!) and to walk in comfort that those things are all around me all the time.  I just need to remember to look.

I’m going to work to make this weekend as great as it started out.  I hope yours is spectacular, too.

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