So, I didn’t realize that my free Flickr account (which is a great, great thing and you should have one if you don’t) allows me to upload a ridiculous amount of photos every month, but my video uploading is limited.

While we wait for the 117 photos to finish uploading to Flickr, I uploaded a few short videos of the trip to Vimeo.  There are also concessions you make with a free Vimeo account, and I can’t say Flickr is better than Vimeo or vice versa — they’re just different services, and I used them to multitask getting my trip photos and videos off the iPhone today.

Click thru for this video. Link to the rest is at the bottom.

Sorry I said that swear word.  It’d been a long few days of walking mostly uphill.  The rest of the videos are here.  More (and better — some shot with 8mm!) to come.