Apparently, though I’m not a hoarder (see previous post), I do need some kind of help.  I’m not sure if it’s OCD?  Some other kind of mania?  Whatever you want to call it, look at this, my cry for help:

Holy mother.

That’s a 30 gallon Rubbermaid tub, full of projects that are all “almost done”.  I found them when I was cleaning closets this weekend.  At some point, I was on a patchwork-quilt-log-cabin-afghan-knitted-toy binge, apparently, because there are (and I counted them), 3 quilt tops, 1 quilt sandwich waiting for hand-quilting, 4 knitted sock-monkeys waiting for tails and arms to be sewn on, SIX sweaters that only need to be seamed up, four knitted pillow covers (DeVito, two of those are for you!) 3 afghans needing ends woven in, and A GIANT BAG OF POMPOMS….!  Pom-Poms!  What the hell?  I don’t even remember making them.

Please send help.  I’m not even through all the closets.  I’ve two more to go and am afraid I’ll find that I was trying to make a robot at some point, shoved it half-done in the closet months ago, and now it’s become sentient and wants to kill me.

Or, if you can’t send/bring help today, wait until next weekend, after you’ve had time to arm yourself against the robot and can bring friends with you.  You’ll both save me, and get some kind of awesome knitted/sewn finished object to take home with you, too, because there’s no way I can let all this almost-done just sit there mocking me!

One Reply to “Self-Realization”

  1. Oh, just to be clear, that’s just the almost-done projects I found. I’ll spare you the details of the amazing amount of yarn and fabric (and needles!) I’ve organized. I could open a store.

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