There’s this trouble, which will make you cry and reminisce and think about the loves you had that left, the loves you had that you hurt, the hurt that’s in your heart, and the comfort you find in embracing the pain.  Get a little bit here, right now:

Click thru to break your heart.

And then there’s the trouble you get in because you get a little tired and start talking about the real.  Like this:

I got a LOT of comments on that tweet … some from friends, and a bunch more from work colleagues.  Hope my keycard still works in the morning… or do I?  I think you should be able to talk about “the stuff”, when “the stuff” is hard, and if you also talk about it when it’s good, what’s the harm?  That’s how life works.  It’s not all unicorns and rainbows and cupcakes and Hello Kitty, right?  The hard stuff makes the good stuff seem like the super-good stuff.

Give me a break, already.  We’re on the downslope of the week, let’s keep it positive and embrace what the negative has to teach us, shall we?


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