This is a thing?

I got an email today from an organization dedicated to getting black dogs adopted.  At first I thought, “Really?  That’s so racist.  Dogs are breeds, not races.  I’m writing a letter!”  Then, I read the email — I think I got on the list when I adopted Russell Jenkins.  (Here, note that adopted is probably not the right word.  I don’t know what the word for “inviting a non-human into my home so he could take it over and make me do what he wants, even if that includes sleeping on my face when it’s 108 degrees outside.”  If you know what that’s called, clue me in.)

Anyway, look at this fool:

I think he’s cuter in black!

Apparently, there’s some aversion to adopting black dogs.  I’ll leave out the thoughts I have that would lead to a screed/diatribe here, but you know where I’d be going with that anyway, so it’s like I DID go there.  So predictable!

I mean … okay, one thing on that screed tip — even if you’re a balls to the wall racist, it’s a dog.  Just think about it practically.  If you adopt a white dog, all that hair is going to be super-visible in your home.  Black dogs just make house-keeping sense, unless you’re a crazy-pot with white velvet furniture!  Learn more here.


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