You See? I’m NOT Kidding!

I have a talent … okay, maybe that’s too generous.  I have a tendency.  That’s better.  I have a tendency towards hyperbolic complainism and commentary.  (I really think complainism should be a word.)  Anyway, so people often chuckle when I say things like, “You’ve been so free with your criticism today, I’d like to thank you by sharing my lunch with you.  It’s my favorite.  A knuckle sandwich and Hawaiian Punch.”  Oh, haha, Jen, you’re such a pill.  Little do they know …

I think it’s the delivery.  I’m not a very threatening person and tend to the jocular usually.  So, it’s not surprising that my co-workers have responded to my complaints about my work laptop with laughter and/or eye rolls.  It’s one thing that I’m the only person on the team with a PC which means I can’t work in programs like inDesign and Keynote that we need to build presentations.  I find ways to get around that, though it’s kind of a pain.  It’s a completely different thing, though, that my computer stops working as often as it does (I counted 22 hours lost THIS MONTH waiting for repairs) and that it gets as hot as it does.  I often say I could open up a side business in my cubicle making paninis for folks.  That’s funny, right? But it’s also true.  Before the last trip down to the HelpDesk, I was working at home, with my laptop on a stand, to allow air circulation and that still wasn’t enough!  It burned the pristine finish off of my deluxe IKEA coffee table.  (<–yes, there’s some hyperbole in there.  I can’t help myself.)

But, look!  I wasn’t kidding this time!  I’m definitely NOT the girl who cried wolf … or hot:

My table is afflicted with Hot HPitis! I need a vaccine!

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