Busy Bee

Some good stuff happened just yesterday.  First, my redditgift Arbitrary Day recipient got her present in the mail!  All the way to New Zealand, just like that.  Here are some pix of her enjoying the goodies — I don’t know WHY I didn’t buy myself some of those googly eyes, too.  I could kick myself.

That’s the unboxed goodness.
Putting together the robot.

It was a great feeling to make someone happy with a box of silly stuff.  Then, this came for ME.  (I ordered it, so it wasn’t a surprise, though.)

Blue Sky Alpaca Shade Cards

This is going to make planning upfront a whole lot easier!  Like, for instance, if I’d had these shade cards sooner, I could have decided that I liked aubergine and ecru together (<–fancy, huh?) and would have bought enough to make a mitered cross blanket the first time.  I don’t have nearly enough in the supply (which is the word I’m now using instead of stash) to make a whole blanket.  This means I’ll have to go buy some more supplies.  (<–see why that’s a better word?)

This is fun. And, it’s all garter!



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