You know how sometimes…

Sometimes, you are friends with someone at work, and then you don’t work with them anymore, and you’re still each other’s work buddies?  I have that kind of relationship with a friend I used to work with at Edelman.  I only see her on Facebook these days, but am quick to “like” and “share” and “comment” on her posts just to let her know I’m still here, and I think about her and wish her well.

We share a little thing, called Little Friday.  Because the week is hard and long and Friday always seems so far away, we started celebrating Thursday as Little Friday as a way to get us through.  Recently, we had to move up the  hope for Friday by recasting Wednesday as Chico Friday.  (As Chico means small in Spanish.)  I’m thinking though, that we might need to change that., because it’s not pre-celebratory enough.

So, I thought maybe we could use the Christmas Holiday as inspiration.  I’m thinking we have Friday, Little Friday, and Little Friday Eve (or LFE, for short).   This makes more sense to me.  Plus, it lends itself to a poem.  Like this one:

I need to get some in-person friends to keep me from making up this stuff all the time.

2 Replies to “You know how sometimes…”

    1. Oh, friend, I miss working with you, too! But am banking on your rockstar status to imbue me with some kind of “awesome-by-association-ness” in this next little while! We did have some fun while we were doing good work. I’m referencing that experience to motivate me for my next work adventure! Keep on rocking in the free world!

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