We saw Sarah Palin’s childhood home (seriously unimpressive — got to give a sister credit for making a move up the ladder.  Here, though, I use the label “sister” VERY loosely.), saw whales, saw seals, saw the buffet (for real), saw glacier babies, fat Americans, surly Europeans, happy Alaskans and generally had the time of our lives.  Meme and Larry and Jen on a ship.  It was something.  Just home tonight, and organizing the pictures, but here’s one for filler until I can post them all.  This is Mom and Dad on the day we arrived in Seattle and got on the boat.  How cute are they?  Really?  Could you just …

We’re on a boat, y’all!

I’m uploading the videos to Vimeo and the photos to Flickr tonight.  Stay tuned for more of the Cox Family bringing our special brand of fun to the 49th State!


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