Too Cheap

That’s me — too cheap to buy the package on Vimeo that would allow me to upload and share videos quickly.  I’m on the free package, which means we have to wait.  I don’t know that this one’s worth it, but here’s the first of our whale-watching videos anyway.  It may not inspire you to think differently about taking all those napkins at Starbucks, or turn your water off while you’re brushing your teeth, but it’s at least proof that we were there, and three of us are thinking differently about the impact we have on the planet.  It’s not living as if there’s no tomorrow, but living as if there is one, because, come on, even in a blurry video, there’s proof that the world is full of beauty and magic and it’d be a shame not to honor that.

See what I’m talking about, friends.  Here.


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