Jealousy, and Getting Over It

I struggle a lot with seeing people whom “I think” aren’t talented enough to have the success they do.  I know it’s ridiculous, and who am I to decide who deserves what they get, right?  And, truth be told, I feel bad for feeling bad about those folks.  (And by those folks, I mean exactly who you’d think I mean — anyone with the last name Kardashian, anyone whose performing credits include the words “Jersey Shore” or “Real Housewives [of anything]”

I don’t have cable, so I can’t watch the weekend marathons of people who, from Project Runway to Love & Hip Hop make me want to start a movement. But, the thing is, I get reminded every now and again that I’m just a hater in judge’s clothing.  The great thing about these kinds of shows and reality competitions is that every once in a while, someone pops up who might not be super talented, or the best at their craft, but that who, in the doing of something they love or are called to do, makes our own hearts sing.

I think the reason I have so much vitriol and judgement for folks on the telly is because they are just that — folks on the telly, who wanted to be on the telly and did what it took to get there.  (Here, again, I reference the Kardashians.  Their name should be a swear word.)  But then, sometimes, there are people who we’d never know have, if not a gift, a full-on love for something, and when they do it for us, well… chills.  To wit, this guy:

Just click it and witness someone’s insides shared.

Is he the best singer ever?  Probably not.  Did he give everything he had and do it better than most of us could?  For sure and right on.  Amen and happy Tuesday, friends.


One Reply to “Jealousy, and Getting Over It”

  1. As a follow-up, Santi just emailed me to point out, as he always does, how he could set it right for me. It’s that we all have had, or want to have, that one point in time when we were beyond even our own expectations. When you see a genuine someone else do it, it breaks your heart in the best possible way, because a broken heart has more room in it, doesn’t it? That’s why I love Santi. He is steeped in the truth, that one.

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