I have found the solution to at least one of my knitter-related problems.  (Using all the yarn I have and figuring out how to make ends magically weave themselves in are still on the list.)  Started out the day wet-blocking.  Blurgh — so many trips back and forth to the kitchen sink for warm water, and all that rinsing and squeezing.  It’s ridiculous.

My new plan = easy and fast.  Fill up squeeze bottle with 1/2 warm water, 1/2 Febreeze (<–that’s right, Febreeze).  Spray, spray, spray till everything is good and damp, press it with a towel to get out the extra moisture and then pin that sucker up.  I’ve got four things done and blocked right now, and three more on the blocking board.  If I play my cards right, they’ll all be blocked and dry for shipping on Tuesday.


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