That’s How You Do It

Even though my links list doesn’t reflect it, I follow A LOT of blogs on the regular.  I’ll get around to updating the links list sometime, but I want to tell you about one site that I read on the regular, and that I hold up today as a model of how to do it right.

Knitbot is one of my super faves.  I find inspiration there on the regular for my knitting projects and yarn choices, and the community of commentors is–unlike some other sites–always supportive and encouraging of each other.  Knitbot ran a contest this week — a giveaway for a pattern AND THE YARN TO MAKE IT!!–for a sweater that’s taken the hand-knitting world by storm, the Rocky Coast Cardigan.  I mean, that is the shit, friends.

I, and a whole lot of other people entered the contest, and was so happy today when I saw the post that said I’d won.  But then, I realized, there are a hell of a lot of people in the world with whom I share the same first name, and, sadly, t’weren’t me afterall!  I left what I thought was a funny comment on the post announcing the winner, and then so did a lot of other people named Jennifer.  And, you know what?  The super awesome thing that happened is that they decided to gift the pattern to all us Jennifers who’d responded just because we were funny and nice and want to knit the hell out of that sweater.

I’ve been to roughly 20 webinars/seminars/training sessions about monetizing your blog/making money from your content.  Knitbot already has a store, but this experience is more than an online storefront could offer.  Instead of “That bid has closed”, or “That offer has expired”, we all got a note that we didn’t win, and were given a coupon code as a consolation prize.  Beyond that, though, we Jennifers who commented got the pattern as a gift.  And, that’s just the way.  I will be forever loyal as witnessed by the fact that I’m writing this post about it, but beyond that, this one little gesture on has made me so enamored of Knitbot that I wanted to write about it and share it with my WP, FB, Twitter, etc. networks.  That’s how you do it.


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