You Must Practice Gratitude

I saw this tonight and was reminded of the video floating around on the interwebs that shows a group of chimps rescued from a lab environment who go outside and feel grass on their feet, the sun on their faces for the first time. Every time I see it, it makes me weep.  And, I’m not one of those girls who cries … ever (except for when I see that video, of course).

Then, this popped up in my Google Reader feed tonight, just when I needed a reminder about gratitude and joy and how when we get the chance to do exactly what we’re meant to–whether that’s experiencing outside, jumping in the water, or pursuing the things that make our hearts sing–the joy in the doing is transferred to the people who witness it.  To wit, this:

Watch it. I’m still smiling after seeing it 4 times. Also, you might want to click to donate to Woodstock Sanctuary, because… well, just watch the video again and be transformed.

This rock we live on and the creatures we share it with are remarkable.  Happy Weekend, friends!


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