In Flux

I took my own advice and started to get stuff sorted today.  That involved a trip to Target where my bill was roughly 200% more than I’d planned on spending.  Once there, though, I saw an opportunity to get some organizational help (in the form of bankers’ boxes and Sterlite tubs) that I thought would help me through the weekend.  This is a hard weekend for me for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it starts my  quitting 3 bad and unhealthy habits all at once.  Every year, I get a little better with the birthday improvements — last year, I committed to exercising regularly and that’s worked out .  I walked through France and Spain, I committed to the Camino, and even exercised when I could have been at the pasta buffet on our Alaska trip!  If I can do that, the rest of this is within reach.  (Details later.)  So, this year, friends, it’s on.

1)  Made some headway on the out of control projects for Chicago Textile Works, and am not starting anything new until the 110 gallon Sterlite tub of WIPs is done.

2)  Tomorrow is cleaning and measuring for new paint, blinds and floors in the apartment.  Completion scheduled by year’s end.

3)  I have that mandatory “be a better manager” training next week for work.  Completion scheduled for … we’ll see.  Being better might mean being somewhere different … who knows?

4)  Culling the closets begins on Thursday — old stuff out to Howard Brown and the Salvation Army, new stuff in to kick 2013 off on the right foot.

Tomorrow, I’m getting the hair twisted, the nails trimmed, the eyebrows tweaked and the laundry done in an effort to start the week right — or, at least differently than I’ve been dread-starting the weeks this last little while.  Between my new attitude, the new opportunities opening up for Chicago Textile Works and Black Girl Code, and my new non-caterpillar eyebrows, I may be on to something.

Thanks for letting me get it all out there.  Here’s my gift for your patience.

Target Theatre:

Overheard in the Halloween aisle when I was buying lame gifts for my team:

Woman:  “Nobody’s that Swedish.”

I have no idea what she was talking about, but am thinking about making that the signature line on my email.  

The end.



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