One Week to Go

I’m planning on wearing this year’s birthday sweater (Chaleur) on Saturday, so I’ve got to keep moving.  I’m about 9 inches in now (knitted bottom up).  This is how I keep myself going — watching Midsomer Murders on Netflix, and drinking good coffee while I work.  There’s something relaxing about following a pattern as opposed to writing one.

See, I’m getting there!

I still have to take notes as I go, though, even when I’m following the pattern.  This pattern is, so far, relatively easy to follow, but I have had to pre-read (and re-read) a couple of times.  I make myself a little guide to help me follow along and mark off the rows I’ve finished:

Circles next to rows undone, xs in circles when they’re done, and call outs when I’m supposed to repeat a section.

Also, I got a manicure on Saturday.  Happy Monday!



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