Weekend Busted

Was still on the work phone at 6:00pm yesterday when I really just wanted to finally celebrate my birthday with my besties over good dinner.  I don’t ask for much — which is, I guess, why that’s all I ever get.  What was wrong with this week?  I feel like the universe has tired of giving me nuanced signs about changing my path, and has started a full on assault.

Luckily, I made it to dinner.  It was at Socca. And, it was fantastic.  I’d been thinking about butternut squash tortelloni with brown butter sauce and pine nuts all day long (because I looked at the menu beforehand), and am so happy I didn’t give up and tuck in for the evening to do more work.

Today was, and tomorrow will be, full of typing meeting notes (even acknowledging that makes me 10% dumber), making PowerPoints and, necessarily, planning a speedy getaway!  First stop, though, is brunch.  We’re trying to do a new place every week to gird our loins/steel our bellies for the week to come.  Tomorrow, Marmalade.  I’ll let you know.  Happy Weekend! Rejoice in the extra hour.  I’m going to use it to build a project plan!  (<–sad)


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