You can be far and near at the same time … and also, AWESOME!

This is for my friend, Meaghan.  I haven’t seen her in real life for maybe 6 years now?  We are still friends because we are kind to each other even when neither of us is in obvious need of kindness.  We are still friends because when either of us shares something that makes the other want to reach out, we do.  We are still friends because she is, for me, one of the few people with whom I could, in the face of seriously f-ed up omnishambles (<–I’m going to keep using that word, yes) still find the funny.

We are still friends because we share our own 2-person holiday.  It’s just ours (for now — until the worldwide movement takes hold) and it happens EVERY WEEK.  That holiday is called LITTLE FRIDAY.

It is the most awesome of all the entirely made-up holidays anywhere, ever and for all time.  We are working on developing a set of rules and traditions for Little Friday that we can hand down to our kids.  Luckily, neither one of us have any right now, so we’ve got time.   Plus, I’m always tired, so honestly, I’ll probably never get around to it anyhow.

What my laziness does allow, however, is a suggestion for something to snazz up the day.  To wit, that a  key component of the Little Friday celebration be the communal sharing and appreciation of some pre-holiday YouTube ephemera every Wednesday night before we lay our heads upon our pillows in giddy anticipation of the day to come.  There should probably be some ceremony around the sharing, but we can work that out later.  We’ll need to set some parameters for what’s appropriate (not too strict, though — this IS a party holiday, after all, and also, as noted above, I’m lazy and always tired).  I think the criteria should include things like:

1)  Joy

2)  Jumping

3)  Dancing

4)  Baby animals

5)  Surprised baby animals

6)  Dancing-jumping baby animals

7)  Prat falls (by babies, baby animals or otherwise, so long as no one is hurt)

8)  Any of the above with a good disco sound-track accompanying

I give you this, for a start, as an exemplar, as the beginning of global movement!

Click and join the Little Friday movement…

Meaghan, I’m thinking about you now and hope that this brings a snort.  That said, I’m still relying on you to coordinate the book tour.  It’s going to be bigger than Festivus.


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