Accidentally Better & Thanksdoing

Shout out to you, Nancy for helping me get accidentally better today!  I’m trying to pay more attention to the bright spots in my life that I’d usually gloss over and keep on going.  In that vein, I noticed two neat things today.  First, just having a 3 minute visit that was unplanned, a little bitter, a little sweet and a lot chuckle-y was so good today, especially after a week that seems to have been hard on every one I know.

And then, as if that weren’t enough, this happened when I went to BarkBark Club:

My favorite BarkBarker:  I like your cowl.  It’s so pretty.  Where did you get it?

Then, she does this thing:  reaches out, uninvited, to touch it.  In any other instance, I’d hate that.  But when it’s something I made and that I love, well, that’s just it, right there.  It’s like she couldn’t help but  reflexively put her fingers on it because it was so lovely to her.

So, then, this happened:

Me:  This?  I made it.  I’m going to make you one this weekend.  What color would you like?

Favorite BarkBarker:  Really?

Me:  No doubt.

The end.

Luckily, she wants it in brown tones and I have Rowan Kidsilk Haze in every shade of brown ever invented.  I’m much better at spontaneous gifting of the stuff I make because it’s way more fun (for me).  I call it ThanksDOING.  Thanksgiving is fine and we should definitely do more of that, but ThanksDOING — now, that’s something.


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