What about this version?

If I were doing this for someone else, it’d be easy as pie.  I think this is closer — needs some editing and finesse, but I’ve got all day Sunday to get it right!

Not sure about that big block of logos …

Once this is finalized, I’m going to work on my book.   I’ve been looking around for some sites that both help with the book design and publishing and have found a few that might work.  I’m sharing them here in case they’ll help you, too!

1)  Issu:  Good for publishing works for digital consumption, but you have to have the design ready and upload it.  I’m not sure I’m there yet.

2)  Blurb:  Nice templates and easy to follow guides for creating your book.  These are for standard print production or ebooks.  I’ll likely use this to help me with the initial content layout.

3)  Lulu:  I’ve used Lulu before for one-offs.  Good beginner site.

4)  Yudu:  Pretty cool, multi-platform publishing.  I think this may be the answer for me, at least.  We’ll see.

For now, I’m taking a break.  It’s a beautiful day here in Chicago, and I’m going to get out in it for a while and come back to this later.  Hope your Saturday is a beaut, too!


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