If you come to kill the king…

you’d better kill the king.  That’s what they say, at least.  I’m guessing because if you say you’re going to, and then you don’t kill the king, you’re either a big fat liar, or just a lazy procrastinator.  Or, also, okay, the king could find out about your plans to kill him and then kill you back …

Whatever.  That’s too much thinking.  What I’m after here is that this week, I came to kill the king, then I decided halfway across the moat that I really didn’t care about killing so much as I did taking a stand, staking a claim and making a move.  So, that’s what I did.  I networked my butt off (I wish literally, but alas, no), I called bullshit on some bullshit at work, I got Chicago TextileWorks in front of some people who are going to GIVE me a space to work, I got three meetings that I never thought I could … I’m just saying, I was on a roll!

And then, motivated and feeling empowered, I continued taking stands and staking claims and making moves until just now when I realized that I may need to slow that roll.  Because somewhere in all that stand taking hoo-ha, I decided to restart my apartment rehab.  Some of you may remember the slate flooring/bathroom redo that drove me into 24 kinds of crazy last year … I apparently forgot all about it which is the only explanation for my ordering new floors for the living room and bedroom.  They’re pretty — pine, wide plank floors, and they look like this:

Hahahahahaha (<–that’s the laugh of a crazy person)

And the funniest thing about this is, buoyed by a “we are awesome and can do anything” post-work glass of wine with one of my dear work friends, I decided that I’d install them myself.  What the …?  I blame her, and the Home Depot DIY videos that make building the Golden Gate Bridge look like a half-day’s work.  Tricky, that.

I’m going to have a brilliant turkey courtesy of the fine folks at Frontier Thursday, go to work and build some kick-ass PowerPoints Friday (you know how I do), and install the hell out of these floors on Saturday.

Translation:  I will eat some turkey, sullenly trudge to work on the day after that turkey, and then sometime in January, move the boxes of pine flooring from the entryway into the back closet.   It’s like I’m the worst kind of psychic.

Here’s wishing you and yours a marvelous Thanksgiving (and, if you’re so inclined, per my previous posts, I hope you find time for some ThanksDOING this year, too!)



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