In Case You Don’t Remember…

My friend Meaghan and I celebrate Little Friday every week.  But this week, do you know what is awesome?  No?  Okay, I’ll tell you.  This week, Little Friday is also Thanksgiving Day.

That means that the day before Little Friday is super awesomely extraordinary this week.  I think Meaghan and I should bring our obvious skill at creating new holidays to bear on this day.  Regular Wednesdays are still Little Friday Eve, but the Wednesday before the Thanksgiving-Little-Friday will heretofore be known as  ThanksDOING Day.

It’s one thing to feel thankful, it’s another thing to do an act that, in its doing evinces gratitude.  Sounds fun, right?  Tell everyone you know, and let’s ThanksDo all over the joint tomorrow, hmm?!  I’m going to buy a pie and leave it in the breakroom at work, and it won’t even be a gross mincemeat pie, I’m talking pears and cranberries, friends!  I’m also going to pay for the person behind me in line at Starbucks (please, God, let it be a tall drip!).  Then, I might just randomly tell someone I see walking down the street that their dress/suit/hat/coat is stellar.  Do some thanks.  It’ll do your heart good!


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