This Year

Prep for a banner year began today.  It’s starting with this:

Hopefully, bulk shipment of raw yarn is coming to Chicago TextileWorks in the next little while!

Then, this:

Can you say cotton seeds? They came from loomstate and are growing in my apartment greenhouse!

Both part of an ongoing Chicago TextileWorks project.  It started with Hatastrophe — the hats for charitable donations project.  That’s just kicked off this month with a full launch scheduled for January 1.   It’s a great idea and is getting traction, but now we want to make it better — by changing our inputs to organic and zero waste products.  I tell you what, I feel right inspired today (which, given the other stuff that’s going on around me, is something else!)



One Reply to “This Year”

  1. One my friends just pointed out that I don’t actually have a greenhouse. When I say “apartment greenhouse”, I mean the home-made terrarium like structure that sits on the desk in my closet/office in the bedroom. Yeesh.

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