Back at it

And, by it, I mean PowerPoint!  Squares full of text — ah, that’s the life.  Hope your Thanksgiving was just as it should have been.  For my part, I made a huge dent in the WIPs getting out the door for Chicago TextileWorks, got a new CTW phone, worked on the CTW website, and generally spent the time I had (which was only Thursday because … well, see above re: PowerPoint for work) building up a reservoir of forward movement and hope.

It’s getting there.  I wish it’d just go faster.  Of the things, though, that I’m grateful for right now, the fact that it’s only Saturday night is right up there.  Tomorrow is the day, if you’re so inclined to believe, that is given unto us for the Sabbath.  And, if you’re not so inclined, it doesn’t much matter to me — no matter our religious affiliations or un-affiliations, there remains that thing about Sunday — the day for which brunch was invented; the only day of the week in my mind when it’s okay if it’s rainy as long as there’s soup and Masterpiece Mystery (and no pledge drive); the day when the laundry’s already done, the groceries are already shopped, and it’s perfectly fine to take a long bath in the middle of the afternoon.

Because, next thing you know, it’ll be Monday … and angst.  Happy Weekend!


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