As It Turns Out …

Parsons might just be the next thing.  I always say I’ll never go back to New York, and I don’t think I would ever for good, but for a little while (and with the prospect of a year in Paris to boot) it might just be the thing.

Coming off a treacherous couple of months — and, by treacherous, I mean the kind of thing that makes one think that one is, in fact, a useless dullard put on the earth to type and say “Yes’m”… or, as Santi is fond of saying, the kind of stuff that puts a hurt on your soul — it was the best kind of news today that came over the beautiful internet transom.  Not an answer, but an option.  That’s exciting.

I submitted a proposal with a colleague to the V&A Museum last year that was summarily dismissed, but that was good enough to garner some interest from other folks … okay, let me be honest, here.  I worked the heck out of some connections on LinkedIn (it’s magic, that LinkedIn!) to find a champion at Cooper Hewitt who hipped me to  a new program at Parsons in strategy design and management.

There is still a ways to go, but it’s never too soon for hope.  And that’s huge.


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