Here Comes Monday!

I’m almost ready.  Unfortunately, almost only counts in horseshoes and something else I can’t remember.  I have 28 rows to go until the birthday sweater is finished — trying to do it by the 16th of December for an even 2 months late.  I blame the Kitchener Stitch and my own inability to focus.  I so wanted to wear it to work on Monday, but even if I screw up my nerve to finish it tonight, there’s no way it’ll be blocked and in decent enough condition to wear tomorrow.  I’ll save it for the client meeting Wednesday, when I’m sure I’ll need the comfort of a handknit to get me through.

Speaking of focus, I had a fit of what-am-I-doing-with-my-lifitis a little earlier today and instead of my usual CV-updating, embarked upon a serious project clean out.  I think I’m going to ask for a steamer for Christmas — I’ve got about 60 FOs waiting for steam blocking and only one tiny iron.  That’s lame.

There was a bonus in the clean out, though, in that in addition to finding all kinds of FOs to send off to retail, I also found all the spools I’d ordered earlier this year to package some CTW pattern kits.  Now, all I gotta’ do is wind ’em up this week.  The patterns and the rest of of the kits are all done, so I’m looking forward to the mindless progress that is spool-winding.  I’m counting today as a win… or, okay, maybe a draw.


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