Some Shizz is Going On

Bizay, as they say.  Got new MacBook Air in the mail today.  It’s beautiful.  I also have to say that you can joke about the Quackers sweaters all you want, sometimes QVC comes through with the dealz for realz.  I love flex-pay.

Hopefully, the new computer will help me actually do my job.  (Don’t get me started on how ridiculous it is that I HAVE TO BUY MY OWN COMPUTER in order to get one that works … for my job!)  I was so excited when it came, that I called my Mom.  Here’s how that went down.

[This is after I’d told her all about it]

Mom:  Well…

Me:   Yep, I better go get some work done now.  Plus, I don’t have anything else to say.

Mom:  Yeah, you’re boring.

Me:  I get it from you, old lady.

The End.  My parents crack me up.  Happy Tuesday!


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