I was in NY today, yo

And, still don’t miss living there, if only because it’s SO HARD TO GET ACROSS TOWN!  Cross town traffic in NYC is, I’m 100% sure, why the car horn was invented.  It doesn’t make things go faster/better, but it’s a fine substitute for getting out of the car and yelling at people in person.

It was an all-day meeting day with the agency team and it was fantastic — we always do so well when we’re in the room together.  So much better than being on the phone trying to work through our ideas.  The only downsides to today were:

1)  Middle seats on the airplane!  Argh!  They should invent a seat horn for that.

2)  Leaving at 4am, and getting home at 10:30pm.

3)  Russell Jenkins and Eli staring at me in a judging way when I came home that late.  Even though it was totally not my fault.

4)  Not being able to go to the gym today.  I am 80% proud of my food choices today, though — half a tuna sandwich for lunch (but I did have a cookie for dessert — luckily, it was so hard, I think I burned off the calories it had in the chewing).  Then, dinner, some kind of chickpea, lentil, broccoli salad from the “Healthy Gourmet” at Laguardia … but then, also a slice of cheese pizza.  But that salad was tiny and my choices were pizza, or Annie’s Pretzels.  I think I did okay.

Tomorrow’s a new day — going home to Ohio, already prepped Mom & Dad that we’ll need to be going to the gym while I’m there.  Meanwhile, I have to figure out a way to explain my slimming down plans to Russell Jenkins — he has been used to getting a lot of his “nutrition” from me giving him a bite or 8 of the food I’m eating.  He doesn’t like vegetables, though, so …  We’ll see.  Perhaps he’ll understand if I do it in rhyme:

There’s not a dog bed I could buy that beats my belly or my thigh

As a spot for Russell Jenkins to rest his head with that ghost eye.

He’ll have to find another spot to plop his plump round girth, though

Because I’ll still do 2 miles per day + yoga to make this weight go.

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