I’m Not Saying I’m Right …

… but come on.  I feel like I’m missing something.

sad Face

1)  Okay, Manti Te’O had a fake girlfriend?  Well, I have used a fake boyfriend to get me out of numerous mandatory work “fun” events, so whatever.

2)  Maybe that Janelle girl on Teen Mom wasn’t actually pregnant?  I’ve never faked a pregnancy, but will put that on my list the next time there’s an all day off-site.

3)  John McCain was mean to Hillary Clinton during the Benghazi hearings.  Isn’t he kind of an asshole on the regular anyway?

4)  A Subway foot-long isn’t actually a foot long? Would an inch more of bread make us all happier?

5)  Maybe Beyonce lip-synched?  Who the f*&k cares?

I say, if we get angry over all this little bullshizz, we won’t be able to make focused, targeted attacks on our real enemies!  Let’s not waste our formidable shirk/shame-inducing skills on this kind of stuff.  Let’s go after the BIGS!  (Hungry folks, disenfranchised folks, people who need real help.)

It’s the weekend, so we’ve got some free time to make a list and get after it, or, as Tamar says –and, yes, I can’t help but love her–get your life!


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