Livin’ Like Russell Jenkins

Russell Jenkins doesn’t give a s*&t.

1)  Is that pillow in my way on the couch?  I’ll push it on the floor, fool!

2)  Are you moving around too much on the bed when I’m trying to sleep?  Rabbit kick to the face, fatty!

3)  Did you just try to sneak a pill in my dog food?  Ptooey, lame-o.

4)  Do you think I want to play with you, cat? Biting your face off, like a boss.

5)   You think you can outrun me, squirrel?  Okay, next time.

Not caring about what people think has done wonders for Russell Jenkins.  He’s all sprawled out over the whole couch and I’m scrinched up in a corner trying to “work from home” today.  I’m going to take a lesson and run out to the gym now instead of making any more phone calls.  Back with a new attitude in 75!  Thanks, RJ!



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