Okay, but really? Super Bowl Theatre

I am a master at counting my blessings.  This weekend, I’m counting my blessings that I have friends I love, some of whom are ridiculously rich, and one of whom is a pilot with his own plane.  We are loving the Super Bowl right now.

I’m also trying to count my blessings for my richer-than-me-but-not-really-that-rich-because-I-ain’t-hardly-rich-to-begin-with friend Santi who just shared this exchange with me as he was giving me career counseling on our way to buy hard cider and more chips for the game: (We started in on the appetizers for breakfast, which was not a good idea)

Me:  I just wish I could be freer and less afraid to make a choice when I don’t know the outcome.  I need some more Russell Jenkins-ness in my life.

Santi:  Russell Jenkins gets away with doing exactly what he wants first of all because you’re a softee, but for the rest of us, depending on your perspective, either he’s so ugly he’s cute, or he’s trading on sympathy for the ghost eye and jacked-up teeth.  Maybe you need to lose an eye… or grow some balls.  Either way, R.J. can’t the role model for your career choices.  Sometimes, you’re just dumb.

I’ve known Santi for 14 years, now, and his sage advice never gets old.  (<–that’s the cider talking, I really want to just punch him in the face sometimes… usually because he’s right.)  Happy Super Bowling!


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