Oh, You Don’t Even Know

If you did know the awesomeness evinced on the daily by the women in my family, it’d blow your mind.  We just had an aunties/sisters/nieces/daughters conference call tonight where we talked about the “Living Your Best Life” workshop my sister, Aimee, held over the Christmas holidays.  (She’s something, that one, and you should check her out here.)  She was doing it before the rest of us even knew what “it” was.

So, Aimee gave us work to do between Christmas and today’s call … and we did.  And it was mind-blowing.  Each of us has our own challenges — getting tenure, starting a new venture, leaving a job for new pastures (whether they’re greener or not), easing into motherhood … the list goes on and on.  And over Christmas, we shared them with each other, developed plans together to accomplish them.  Tonight we met to talk about our moving forward-ness, and lend advice and good counsel as warranted.  Perspective was thrown around like confetti, and support, like beads at Mardi Gras.

I’m retiring my bitch ray for this next little bit (you can borrow it if you need to, but just don’t turn it up to 11.  Trust me.).  Because I now really know–and hope you do, too–what it’s like to have a group of folks around you who have seen your core and say, “Take the leap.  We got you.”


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