You Never Know

When I worked at PBS (the best job I ever had in my life ever), my boss once said to me:  “You’ve got it all wrong.”  I’m paraphrasing, of course.  Her actual words were, “God put all these beautiful horses here on earth for you to ride and enjoy, and you insist upon spending all your time cleaning out the stables.”  Profound.  She’ll never know — and, I didn’t at the time– how those words would stick with me, and how they’ve gone on to affect not only me, but a host of people in my life.

Yesterday, I was in a meeting with someone who said this to me:

I mean.  Can you even?
I mean. Can you even?

All I was doing was speaking the truth from my heart about something that’s important to me.  People should have the opportunity to do that more often.  I bet we’d discover a lot more uniquely inspiring folks in our midst.


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