Two days of traveling — meeting the best kind of people, prepping an awesome presentation (I’m one of the talking heads!) for  SxSW panel, getting feedback from folks whom I respect who told me they felt the same about me … the end of this week has been something else.

I had lunch with a potential future colleague in Sacramento at the best place, Lucca, and while we were talking, this thought came to me:  You know how there are set milestones in our lives –graduate high school, move away from home and go to college, graduate college, get your first job, etc.–each of which sets us on the cusp of the next thing?  At a certain point though, there aren’t those ready-to-wear milestones.  We have to make them for ourselves.


I shared this idea–which just came to me in the moment– with my colleague, and in saying it out loud, I figured out in that instance what these last few months have been about.  I’m trying to create my own milestone/hallmark event.  Nothing happened to get me on the cusp, save my own desire to be there.  I’m going to invite you all to my graduation/engagement/moving away /whatever party real soon.  (NB:  It’s going to be BYOB — no cheap stuff, either!)


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