Oh, Ha-ha on you, Fool

Russell Jenkins thought he could thwart my foot-licking-prevention plan tonight– he’s got a sore on a back paw, origin unknown, that started little and has since  developed into something I don’t want to look at and that he needs to take antibiotics for.

He says: “Tell you what fool, I’m going to winch off this boot while you’re not looking and lose it on the walk tonight.”

Me says:  “Oh, dammit, Russell, where’s your boot?  You lost it on the walk?”

He says: “Yes, fattie!  Mwahhahahaha!”

Me says:  “Boots come in packs of four, fool –and also, you’re a fattie, too.”

I win this one.  We’ll see if it’s still on his foot in the morning.

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