I’m Tired, Y’All

But, pretty much the good kind of tired — put upon and how at work, decreased staff, increased work, needing an extra cheerleader for the team because I am dog-ass tired …  All that means I gotta’ take the ennui-bull by the horns and get inspired.

So, thanks to Eunique Jones for existing, because she’s all I needed to get it back.  And, you might find her work inspiring, too.  See how I did?

That's what's up. Click for more from Eunique!
That’s what’s up. Click for more from Eunique!

Tomorrow is Little Friday.  It’s going to be more like Pre-Monday Eve for me, but I’m about to be okay with that.  This week has been 50% hard (and not the good kind that makes you better, just the bad kind that makes you wonder if it’d really be that bad  to get arrested for pinching someone to death) and 50% full of hope for the next thing.  Oh, wait, it’s also been 10% okay, so I have had a 110% week in only the first 3 days.  What the heck am I complaining about?


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