Parents are Great

You never know from whence it'll come.
You never know from whence it’ll come.

I talk to my mom and dad at least 3x per day, every day, because they’re funny and I like them and we love each other.  I’m so grateful that I grew up in a home where we ate together regularly; where all our mistakes and missteps were aired publicly, but in a way that wasn’t denigrating or hostile; where my tendencies towards passive aggressiveness where acknowledged and then quick, fast, and in a hurry pushed aside to let the lesson in; where I could say to my dad, “I’m a mother-f-ing genius”, and instead of him being outraged at the language, have him just laugh, which was my hoped-for outcome.

It was the kind of home that made me, as an adult, realize how much I want to hang out with my folks, not because they’re my family and I love them, but because I really just like them –to wit, our 7-day Alaska trip last year (with only .5 days of getting on each other’s nerves), and this year’s 10 days in the Dominican Republic.   (We’ll see…)  There will, to be sure, 1 to 2 of those days when we all want to kill each other, but the glory is, we don’t stuff that resentment up and save it for later, but state it in the moment, and then get over it and head right off to the buffet.

Oh, M&L!  They are something and I sure do love them something fierce.  This week, I was having a tremendously awful day at work, and my Dad saved my life (and those of my co-workers) with this random statement about his recent trip to Wal-Mart:  “They have some damned good pants.”  That, right there, was all I needed in the moment, when it came, to change up my perspective for real and for good.  (Plus, it was funny.)  I mean?  Unpack that statement, and be amazed.

So, here’s hoping your weekend is shaping up to be –if not what you wanted, just what you didn’t know you needed,and that your pants are comfortable and awesome.  Because, that kind of surprise you didn’t know you were missing  is tremendous when it comes.

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