Good Dental Health

…is no joke.  Came home today after a sad trip to the dentist.  Scads of owee.  Then, lots of snafus on a client call that I’d prioritized to the point that it made me pass out in the airport from stress (not kidding –people were called).  But, that call got re-re-rescheduled, and my blood pressure went up, up, up!  I had put off taking the pain meds so I could be lucid for the call.  But, forgot to eat before the dental torture, so there’s that — my fault.  Tomorrow’s going to be fun/interesting.  I’ve never been high on pain meds at work before, so let’s hope the truth stays in my mouth and doesn’t escape and wreak havoc!

In other moving-on news, boxes are coming, packing is underway, and the old homestead is going to be brand new in this next little while (and there are going to be two homesteads, which is even more exciting!)  While it’s hard to imagine when relief is going to come in the short term, I am happy that I had enough foresight to plan for hard times — not by saving money, getting super-organized, or planning in any way really…except for the purchasing of small presents that would arrive during this hard time.

There’s nothing like getting a package in the mail to make everything seem a little brighter.  Today, I came home after all the dental/airport/conference call tragedy to find this in my mailbox:

Wanna know what's inside?  Click the photo and be amazed.
Wanna know what’s inside? Click the photo and be amazed.

As the blurry picture indicates, I bought two tea towels — they came air mail all the way from New Zealand.  Wanna know what they look like?  Click on the pic and see.  I bought these, and I don’t even have any dishes.  I only have one pan/pot (<–dual duty).  This seems to me like a sign that I should do another blog contest to gift these lovely towels to a deserving human, hmm?  They’ve done their duty making me smile for a while.  It’s been a few months since the last giveaway, so stay tuned for details tomorrow on how you can win one via a silly contest.  I’ll open the package tomorrow and share the pix and the dets of how you can get your very own (for free!) from me.

Also, I’m pretty sure when I was in the sads/mean reds last month, I bought a whole bunch of other stuff online.  We’ll see what comes in the mail over these next few weeks. I have a feeling you might be able to get your hands on some fancy chickens, a share in a llama farm, or some of the cute-but-never-gonna’-wear-’em-because-my-ankles-are-weak Steve Madden wedges I’ve imagined would change my life over this last little bump in the road.  (I mean, for real, I guess I WAS a bit sad there for a while, given the number of boxes scheduled to arrive in the next 21 days …  just when I’m trying to pack up the place.)

At least I know my pathology.  And, hey, if you are into re-purposing and don’t want any of my “new” stuff,  you might even be able to get your hands on an older-model cat –only two owners, great on food mileage, super-mouser potential … I’ll let you know, or you just hit me up.  Shipping is free.


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