Hate to Be Late

People who show up late to stuff on the regular, who are always running out to a meeting at the last minute, who think 5:00 pm means 6:30 pm is okay … many of them are in my family and I love them, but I have a real anxiety about being on time.  I often email my colleagues when I’m going to get to the office a half an hour late for nothing — no meeting planned, no regroup scheduled, I just want them to know I’m trying to get there, but can’t be there when they might need me.  Crazy.  It’s probably annoying to them (but of the things I do that annoy them, I can’t imagine it’s top of the list).

Some would say courtesy dictates being on time.  Okay, I get that.  But for me, it’s courtesy+.  The “+” is an acknowledgment that YOUR time is as important as MY time.  It’s right to be on time, yes, but it’s also respectful.  And, while I’m all about disrespect when it’s warranted, in this, the celebration of Little Friday Eve, I may not be always here when the call comes, but I’m always on time (with apologies to Ashanti for the bastardization of those lyrics — it was done in the service of something greater, though, so there’s that.)  To wit, this LFE post, in keeping with the rules of the holiday, yes, but a few hours early:

Yep.  All the sad in the world is scared of this video.
Yep. All the sad in the world is scared of this video.

Smith, get on your LFE.  I’m about to get on mine, PowerPointing notwithstanding.  Be about it, friend!


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